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Tammy Burt group 4

Culture can be defined as the language belief, values, norms, behaviors and even material objects that characterize a group and are passed from one generation to the next generation.  The cultures in which we live in do have an effect on our lives. Rather we choose to believe it or not we are a part of culture in one form or another.  I can recall reading several articles from my sociology 100 course while in community college.  It covered several of the issues in which we have been talking about in our WGST 303 course. Example like look pass the skin and see the real me. A psychologist conducted a study among a small group of men at college.  The men were given two photographs one of a pretty young lady and the other was of a homely looking woman. Then the question was asked of the men what they believed the women were like. They men were told that they would have the opportunity to meet the women after they spoke with them on the phone. What the men were unaware of is that these were not the women which they had seen in the photos of the women that they would speak with on the phone. The young college men were under the impression that the attractive woman was self-confident, funny and outgoing. While the men felt the homely woman was awkward, serious, and unsociable. These men has experienced and reacted to the way in which our culture places individuals into different stereotypes.  Stereotype means to make an assumption of what people are like whether this opinion is true of false. By the men placing the women in to a stereotype this affected the way in which the men spoke to the women.  The women had no knowledge that they were part of this study and being evaluated. This is true concerning our society the only way that we feel that we can deal with individuals is to place them into a category. We miss judge people when using stereotypes. Television, magazines, and society send the message can’t be thin enough that influences some individuals that their bodies are not good enough. They must make some changes in their appearance in order to be accepted by others. I am often awakened from my sleep at night by the infomercials and the other forms of advertising that try to persuade me to purchase certain products.  One example is diet programs, food which are delivered right to your front door. You do not have to worry about cooking or portions.  Another one is the exercise video called Insanity.  The men used in this commercial  already have a muscular build gives the viewer the illusion that with just a few minutes a day men and women will magically produce the six-pack abs and the big biceps.  Female models go through a workout without breaking a sweat. These messages that are used in magazines, commercials   such as work on individuals’ feelings, thinking, and influence and shape the ideas of what people physical bodies should look like.  The message that is sent is that women can’t be thin enough and men must have muscular physics. But the truth to the matter is to achieve the ripped and cut body one must exercise and this takes time and is painful.  Weight Watches uses Jennifer Hudson who has a child and lost weight. She is proclaiming to the world that she is thinner now than when she was in high school. The message is being sent that if one is not satisfied with how he or she looks Weight Watches can help you with this problem. The truth is that she is being paid millions to spread this message that you can look like this too if you join Weight Watchers.   

Battering and Physical AbuseTammy Burt Group 4

Battering and Physical Abuse
Women of all races and classes are battered this rate is five times higher among families below poverty levels. A woman that has been physically abused is also emotionally abused due to the experience of the emotional abuse due to being physically terrorized. Women are 5 to 8 times more likely to be victimized by an intimate partner. In 2007, acceding to the Department of Justice report 85 percent of women experience The statistics for the United Sates the FBI every day about four women die as the results of domestic violence that is approximately 1,400 a year. Unemployed men are twice likely to sever abuse his wife. This shows the differences in economic vulnerability and the lack of resources such as social services which give women the opportunities to report the abuse. A study which was taken showed that between 3 to 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence every year. Half of the men that abused the women also abused the child in these homes. Children that witness violence in the home are five times more likely to commit or suffer violence when they become adults. The poem entitled “She Said” written by Mariah Lockwood about the emotional abuse of battered women. The ways in which a woman internalize message about femininity, love, marriage and romance all these things can make them vulnerable to being dominated in a relationship. A woman in this situation it is importance that she has friendship and emotional support. Emotional abuse from a man telling a woman that is worthless, stupid ugly. These scars of abuse take longer to heal that the physical ones. The reason that some men physically abuse is internalized sexism and they feel they have the right to dominate they have learned to use violence as a way to deal with conflict. Some which leave an abusive partner will return about 5 to 7 time before leaving for good. There are 9 complex and interconnected reasons why women will stay in abusive relationships. (1) The feeling of shame, guilt and low self-esteem that comes with emotional abuse. The woman often feels it is her fault. (2) Become desensitized to the violence see it as normal and they should tolerate it. (3) The women tend to be physically isolated from others. Woman is prevented from visiting family and friends, no transportation no access to a phone. Not having a reality about the situation. (4) Worry about what people will think. This is a myth in the middle-class that this is a lower-class problem this does not happen to nice families that appear to have everything going for them. Some churches encourage the woman being abused to submit to their husband, neighbors look the other way, embarrassment that is associated with being abused by husband. (5) Cannot afford to leave fear the economic welfare of themselves and their children less education and to work will not be enough to support the family. (6) Some women feel that their children need a father even a bad father is better than no father at all. For the sake of her children a women is likely to leave for good when she see that her children are being hurt. (7) There is often nowhere to go. Crisis lines and emergency housing shelters women have difficulty imaging an alternative situation. (8) The woman may fear what may happen to her abusive partner in the criminal system men of color. Some women believe the man can change part of this cycle of violence is called “honeymoon phase” The buildup of tension when violence is brewing, next, is the violence episode Last, is the honeymoon phase when the man is remorseful – even horrified to have done such a thing and ask forgiveness. This is charming and manipulation woman can persuasive. (9) Women believe that their abuser might kill them or hurt or kill the children past actions enough to make the women realize this is no idle threat. Some men do kill the women or wives in these situations after she has filed a restraining order against him. While I was growing up I can recall how my best friend sister I will call her shorty was being abused by her husband. One incident is when Shorty’s husband had jumped on her this time her brother and him got into it and he kills his sister’s husband. This changed his life he went to prison and his sister was left to raise her three children on her own.

Mother Tammy Burt Group 4

This is my response to Mothering the reading on page 369. Mothers are involved in their children lives more than the fathers are. But fathers tend to have an impact in a child’s life recreational activities. A male child learns from his father the influence of the role of gender. It is said that motherhood means inmate biologically instructions on behavior and the execution of unconditional love and nurturance. The role of a mother has historically and culturally in it some cases women are expected to become a mother the duties of a mother is to and first priority is to take care of their children. A child does not come with instruction attached to the toe. There is quite a difference in saying to father just seems a little acquit and then to say mother. Society has given the impression that every woman is nurturing, comforting and full of caregiving. A woman can be a mother without having to have given birth. The United States has culturally constructed the so called normal motherhood in some class; race sees mothers as being devoted to and sacrificing for her family. In the global societies has developed and has the expectations which goes along with the assigned duties of “Motherhood” has been laid out and designed in the postindustrial communities. Assignments of the “Perfect” middle class mother has changed the managing their child’s life giving into the social and educational opportunities while overseeing their own career. This can cause stress on the child trying to live up to the expectations of his/her mother. The mother may influence the direction of her child’s life by trying to live her life through them. Accomplishing some goals in life that she may not have had the advantage to complete by having to raise a child. I can reflect back on how my grandmother raised me and I now have my own children. I often think about the animal kingdom how the female lion hunts take care of her cubs and allow the male lion to eat first whatever has been killed. A mother often puts herself last to car for her family most of the time neglecting many of her own needs and desires to look out for the wellbeing of her family. Some women when they have a child can lose focus on her for many years to devote all of her time to the requirements that it takes to raise a child. Many see the picture of the women being happy and full of joy after she has given birth. This moment changes to her having responsibilities then later come problems and some hardship. Caring for the home doing chores this is the way in which society has been structured for a girl to dream of a family rather than work outside the home and not have a family. Some women make the choice to put their lives on hold to have a family. Womanhood/ mothering have caused pain when some women in our society are not able to bear children. The diversity of women is reflected from around the world which shows mothers of all types, shapes sizes and colors. A mother understanding of her duties and the place that culture has constructed is not equal and everyone does not have the same privileges. Women that join the military she goes from being a live giver to a life taker. In some cases a mother is seen as less competent, less committed and is expected higher performances.

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