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When we usually think of a family, we think of a mom, dad, children, pets, grandparents and relatives. The mother is usually the one to stay at home and the father is the one that is working to support the family. However this is not always the case. In some cases, men are stay at home dads and the mother is the one working to support the family. Some fathers choose to be stay at home dads rather than forced to be. After watching both videos in class, I came to realize that there are actually many men that take care of their children, cook and clean and still enjoy living their lives with their family and friends.

In one of the videos, fathers formed their own play groups to solve the problem of feeling uncomfortable joining stay at home mom groups. The fathers would meet with other fathers and their children. Women of course, were only allowed by invitation because it was their time to spend with their children. Fathers used this time to communicate with others and discuss their daily routines and just have a normal conversation while their children played with one another. They compared each other’s lives and the complications of being stay at home dads. Some fathers believe that being stay at home dads is actually more complicated than their old jobs.

University of Maryland professor is worried about stay at home dads. He believes that stay at home dads and stay at home moms are equal but different. Their children receive different opportunities from their mothers and different opportunities from their fathers. I usually think of a dad to be the one working and the mother providing care for her children. However, these videos showed me otherwise. There are fathers out there who decide to take on that role and mothers who decide to take on the fatherly role. It is no surprise that there are parents who step into each other’s shoes.

A Day Without Feminism

“Imagine what our lives would have been if the women’s movement had never happened…” Jennifer Baumardner and Amy Richards begin their essay by asking their readers to imagine a day without feminism. What would the world be like today and has it changed at all since? Baumardner and Richards continuously speak of feminism and the feminism movement. Why is the feminist movement being taken for granted? Baumardner and Richard are able to effectively reach out the significance of feminism but were not successful in reaching out their beliefs throughout their essay.

Baumardner and Richard follow the feminism progression throughout their essay. They compare women’s roles to men’s and the differences they have brought about to society today. They express the different difficulties that women faced throughout the journey. Baumardner and Richard provide many examples about feminism including women receiving their right to vote, women’s roles in society compared to men, colored women being either “not there” or “lonely as hell.”  They also mention how women’s history is does not truly exist and are not worth studying. For example, she mentions Sojourner Truth, Mary Church Terrell, and Fannie Lou Hamer. Students will learn that they were black abolitionists or civil rights leaders. However, they will not learn that they were feminists. Men on the other hand, such as Columbus, are worth studying and are highly spoken of. Columbus now has a nationally recognized day dedicated to his discovery of America. Women’s histories are not recognized the way men are.  As both authors are capable of proving, if these were men, they would be worth studying and recognizing. But because they are women, they are black abolitionists and civil rights leaders, not feminists.

Baumardner and Richard continue their essay by stating the differences between women and men’s jobs including their pay. “Only 44 percent of women are employed outside the home. And those women make, on average, fifty-two cents to the dollar earned by males.” Women were not looked at as highly as men were with their jobs. Because of that, they were paid less. They sometimes performed the same work, but did not receive the same pay. Females were more wanted for secretary, domestic workers, and low wage service jobs. However, men were wanted for higher wage service jobs as well as highly spoken of jobs including jobs in the medical and law field.

That Body Image

In this modern day and age, being thin is considered the greatest achievement a young woman can accomplish. However, on the quest to achieve such a goal, many find themselves veering off course through a dangerous road of eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa sometimes leads to medical and psychological complications such as suicide risk. I have not had a personal experience with anorexia nervosa, however, as a teen, I was exposed to friends who constantly pressured themselves to remain thin even though they already were. They constantly saw themselves as obese, which eventually led to severe consequences. In order to avoid weight gain, she would avoid eating anything all day except for dry salad and water.

My friend was at good health up until she took her diet a little too far. She only wanted to drop a few pounds before vacationing. However, by then her diet had transformed into an eating disorder. She gained an obsessive strive towards perfection and refused to maintain a body weight at or above a minimally normal weight for her age and height. She also had an extreme fear of gaining weight and would therefore starve herself. Because she has already fallen to anorexia nervosa, she has been placed in treatment therapy in order to teach her better body image views. Her therapy sessions are also making her aware of what underlying troubles are pressuring her to have disordered eating.

Anorexia nervosa is a life-threatening eating disorder that continues to plague many young adolescents and adults in modern societies. It stems from social influences requiring individuals to have a particular body type. The media has set specific body images for young individuals to have. These body images are thought to be “perfect” which increases the pressure placed on the individuals. However, when the individual succumbs to this increased pressure, he/she is placing him/herself at risk of numerous medical and psychological complications.


“Two Star Football Players…”

It’s been all over the news, “two star football players found guilty of rape.” Is there anything wrong with that headline? The two teens were found guilty of raping an allegedly drunk 16-year-old girl. These two teenage boys committed a crime that has ruined the 16-year-old girls life but are still being recognized for their football career that is “unfortunately over.” The news reporter recognized these two rapist’s as “two young men that had promising futures, are very good students, and star football players who watched their lives fall apart.”

What seems to be more preposterous is the fact that they didn’t seem to mention how the 16-year-old girl was going to be emotionally scared for the rest of her life. The defendant’s life seems to be more important than the victim’s life. Reporters stated that alcohol played a major role in the incident. Regardless of whether or not the girl was drunk, the two teens should not have took those actions. To make things worse, they took nude pictures of the girl while she was intoxicated.

With a case like this, I would have expected both defendants to serve more than two years. However, a minimum of one year seemed more than enough for one of the boys and two years for the other teen who also took the pictures. I don’t think the courts decision was fair and believe the boys should have received more time.  The teens apologized after the court ruling and one of them was in tears in the middle of his apology. The reporters once again, were talking about the teen crying and felt sorry for them. What about the teenage girl? She’s the victim, remember?

The teen “didn’t mean to ruin her life.” You also didn’t mean to rape her, right? Well if you didn’t mean to ruin her life, then you would have never raped her.

The Hot Topic

Gay marriage has been one of the many heated debates in the media today. However, the media wasn’t the only group of individuals that were discussing this issue. Many people, just like us, have been putting up statuses and images on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that have disrespected other people’s opinions. The comments made have been made by those individuals who are not aware of what is actually going on with the issue. They have simply stated an opinion because they think its wrong and that’s it. Their statuses are not even logical. However, others, such as activists, have clearly stated their position because they have and still do care about the issue. The have been fighting for this for a long time. However, they continue to be put down because of senseless remarks like those made on social networks.

I do believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, I also believe that one should have some kind of background or knowledge about the issue before stating an opinion. Now that the media has not been as focused on gay marriage, as they were when it was first being discussed, these statuses have stopped. However, the activists continue to post statuses. After observing this, I was given another reason to believe that many of the comments that were made on the many social networks were simply made because that was the “hot topic” then. However, to them, the issue is no longer important to bother making their opinions public.

Gay marriage is an important issue that has been debated on for quite some time now. It has been leaving many satisfied and others dissatisfied. It seems to be those who are unsatisfied with the decisions putting down those who have been supporters of gay marriage.

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

Women everywhere have been struggling with two essential things in their lives. Raising a family and their day job tend to go hand in hand with one another. They believe that it is too difficult to maintain both and choose to be stay at home mothers instead. In Heidi Bruggink’s , “Don’t Give Up Your Day Job,” Leslie Bennetts sets two arguments in her book, The Feminine Mistake.

She first states that women should learn to be independent rather than depending on their partner. She believes that they will not always be by their side to support them. She states that many women whom she has interviewed have had an image of a perfect future but eventually realize otherwise later. Bennetts further states that she believes that women are capable of raising a family and maintaining a day job.  I agree with her statement, however women are not the only ones that decide to be a stay at home parents. Similar to our discussion in class and the videos we watched, men have also chosen to stay home rather than work. They cook, clean and take care of their children while the mother is at work. I believe both men and women are capable of maintaining a job and being stay at home parents. It is possible for both parents to have “a meaningful career and a stable marriage and wonderful children.”

Bennetts made a comparison between children with stay at home mothers and children with working mothers. She believes that working mothers are teaching their children to be resourceful and self-sufficient while stay at home mothers are setting a bad example for their children. I disagree with her statement and believe that there are many children that have stay at home mothers and are exactly what Bennetts describes children of working mothers. Their mothers do not need to work in order to teach them to be resourceful and self-sufficient.

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