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Tammy Burt group 4

Culture can be defined as the language belief, values, norms, behaviors and even material objects that characterize a group and are passed from one generation to the next generation.  The cultures in which we live in do have an effect on our lives. Rather we choose to believe it or not we are a part of culture in one form or another.  I can recall reading several articles from my sociology 100 course while in community college.  It covered several of the issues in which we have been talking about in our WGST 303 course. Example like look pass the skin and see the real me. A psychologist conducted a study among a small group of men at college.  The men were given two photographs one of a pretty young lady and the other was of a homely looking woman. Then the question was asked of the men what they believed the women were like. They men were told that they would have the opportunity to meet the women after they spoke with them on the phone. What the men were unaware of is that these were not the women which they had seen in the photos of the women that they would speak with on the phone. The young college men were under the impression that the attractive woman was self-confident, funny and outgoing. While the men felt the homely woman was awkward, serious, and unsociable. These men has experienced and reacted to the way in which our culture places individuals into different stereotypes.  Stereotype means to make an assumption of what people are like whether this opinion is true of false. By the men placing the women in to a stereotype this affected the way in which the men spoke to the women.  The women had no knowledge that they were part of this study and being evaluated. This is true concerning our society the only way that we feel that we can deal with individuals is to place them into a category. We miss judge people when using stereotypes. Television, magazines, and society send the message can’t be thin enough that influences some individuals that their bodies are not good enough. They must make some changes in their appearance in order to be accepted by others. I am often awakened from my sleep at night by the infomercials and the other forms of advertising that try to persuade me to purchase certain products.  One example is diet programs, food which are delivered right to your front door. You do not have to worry about cooking or portions.  Another one is the exercise video called Insanity.  The men used in this commercial  already have a muscular build gives the viewer the illusion that with just a few minutes a day men and women will magically produce the six-pack abs and the big biceps.  Female models go through a workout without breaking a sweat. These messages that are used in magazines, commercials   such as work on individuals’ feelings, thinking, and influence and shape the ideas of what people physical bodies should look like.  The message that is sent is that women can’t be thin enough and men must have muscular physics. But the truth to the matter is to achieve the ripped and cut body one must exercise and this takes time and is painful.  Weight Watches uses Jennifer Hudson who has a child and lost weight. She is proclaiming to the world that she is thinner now than when she was in high school. The message is being sent that if one is not satisfied with how he or she looks Weight Watches can help you with this problem. The truth is that she is being paid millions to spread this message that you can look like this too if you join Weight Watchers.   

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