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Man Periods… Meriods…

The article If Men Could Menstruate, by Gloria
Steinem, was not at all what I anticipated it to be when I first read the
title. My initial thought on the subject, was something similar to “Oh, I’ll
enjoy this piece because it’ll most likely talk about how men would be grumpy,
crampy, moody, and emotional once a month, and would finally see what women go
through” I thought it would be just a quick lesson, something comical, and
something to level the playing field; perhaps make them understand what it is like,
and maybe see that they are not the only ones who suffer when we are on our
periods. Instead, the article was rather boring [in my opinion] and didn’t
really reflect any type of equality. I understand the need for exaggeration
when it comes to talking about the male population menstruating, but women
already menstruate, and we don’t expect men to inflict harm onto them in order
to be our equals. Instead, they look at us as lesser beings or less capable
individuals for particular tasks because we do menstruate. I understand that
the author intended for it to seem a bit ridiculous and comical, but I think
she was a bit off in her delivery.  I do
not necessarily believe that “Street guys” would brag about being a “three-pad
man” or complimenting one another about being on the rag. Women seem to suffer
through that time of the month, and from what I’ve experienced at least, they
don’t receive a multitude of compliments. My girlfriends and I don’t high-five
each other each time one of us gets a period, we eat ice cream and Pamprin like
it’s our last meal, while crying over some stupid reality show. I just don’t
see the correlation that Steinem makes between man and woman periods. It would
have resonated more with me, and I would have perhaps made a better connection
(or enjoyed the piece more) if she did make it a bit more realistic and less
outlandish… because the topic itself is rather outlandish. Writing about such
things that are mere thoughts and ideas can be difficult, because not all
people can relate or necessarily understand right off the bat. I think she had
a good idea going, but presented it in a bland and eccentric sort of way.

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