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Empowering Humor

In a world where women tend to be portrayed as sex objects, it is really nice to see some intelligent, strong and influential women for people to look up to. Samia Wahab, an Afghan woman shares her inspirational story in her book In my Father’s Country. While watching her interview on The Daily Show with John Stewart, I was truly captivated. I think people should know about her, and be inspired by her; both men and women alike. She is breaking barriers and has so much potential to make a positive impact in people’s lives, especially women in the Middle East. It is nice to see her loyalty to, and respect for her culture, but her intelligence and perseverance as well. She seems to have such a light-hearted method of delivery. I find it interesting, that in normal television watching and mindless magazine flipping, I haven’t really ever stumbled upon a woman that I can actually look up to. I hate the media. Then, all of a sudden, on Comedy Central, of all places, I find myself captivated by her charm, charisma and optimism. Too many people are so quick to see the bad things in life, to pity or rush to not being pleased. She really puts into perspective the importance of a positive outlook during hard times. If she can do it, we can do it.

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