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My fight for birth control

My Fight for birth control

While reading Margret Sanger’s article, My fight for birth control. I realized of the huge victory we have gained due to birth control being available to most women. We weren’t always so fortunate; women in the 17th century were struggling with poor economic and living conditions. Women were the ones that had to stretch every penny to make sure their families had what they needed including food and clothing. Most women were struggling so much with the family size they had they needed birth control. It must have been heart wrenching to find out you were pregnant and feel grief instead of happiness because you know that the child you will birth will come into this world to struggle and that your other children will struggle more as a result. Women were dying due to the lack of ability to obtain birth control because when they became pregnant, they were pressured to resort to dangerous illegal abortion procedures.  Women of low economic status suffered the most because doctors were much more likely to offer birth control options to women of higher economic stats.

Today we have many types of birth control. It can be convenient to walk into the drug store to purchase it and has been tested to make sure it is effective and safe. What makes me so proud is that women can now take charge in their lives! We can now plan our family/ or plan not to have one! We know our bodies and this is the greatest advancement we’ve had.

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