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As I was driving into work one morning I was listening to the radio. I was seeking through the stations and I stopped to listen to the current news/gossip section on a local radio station. I always find it amusing to hear about the dilemmas the radio stations choose to highlight for the day but today I was quite surprised. They spoke about a rap song that was released by Rick Ross and other rappers last month. The song was about date rape.

Now I know where you think you know where I’m going with this but you might be wrong. I don’t think rap music is the problem.

The song is horrible. The lyrics of the song were something like… “Put Molly all in her champagne… She ain’t even know it… I took her home and I enjoyed that… She ain’t even know it”. I didn’t even here the song but I was disgusted. This is a huge deal.  Unfortunately it is an often occurrence for Women to be molested after a result of someone slipping the date rape drug which is a crystal form of MDMA (known as “Molly”)in a drink. Many people talk about date rape drugs to raise awareness but even if it happens to only one woman it is a huge problem.

This past week has been a huge eye opener to me about how rape is viewed in our society. I always knew that sex sells but never really noticed how much and how often women are being portrayed as commercial objects to sell products. This is happening in the music industry as well. Rap music is capitalizing on violence against women, sex and drugs.

Rap music has evolved a lot. What I believe to once have been used as a tool to express the inequalities some groups face is now being the oppressor of us women! Sometimes they are not as obvious because the rap industry has done a great job to mask these into certain terms that people might not understand such as the use of “molly” instead of date rape drug in the song by Rick Ross.

So why did I say I don’t think rap music is at fault? The rap music will continue to be produced and sent through our radio air waves because that is what the consumer wants! Why do we consumers continue to purchase and accept these songs and images in our media, that is the real problem.

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  1. meerkat93 says:

    I just thought you should know that, while I think you are right that consumer demand is encouraging rap music to be this sexist and insensitive, not all listeners were very enthralled with this song. Rick Ross was dropped as a spokesman for Reebok because of the controversy surrounding “Molly” (and rightfully so!).

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