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We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

This article is an article that I believe or felt that was very inspirational.  It begins by speaking on the history of black feminists who had a very hard time publishing or extending their work to the public. This reminded me very much of the movie The Help.  The article spoke about a speech that our current president used without giving any recognition to the women whose words he used.

            It then goes on speaking about the new age of feminist and what they are capable of doing. They have a tool now that no feminist before had access to, this is the “internet”. The new age black feminists no longer needed to make life changing sacrifices to reach out to people. It can now all happen with the click of a button.  This is very inspiring because you finally feel that all people can speak their mind and be able to share it with the world without having to go out of their way or using up to much time.

            One part in this reading that I was completely shocked by was about the woman who got raped multiple times in her apartment complex where no one even tried to help her. This shocking, disgusting crime lasted about 4 hours.  So, while reading you begin to question why did the neighbors nor anyone help? So, after the incident, the women of the black feminist group decided to join up with other associated groups and extend gratitude and friendship opportunities to neighbors by sending baked good to help ease the social awkwardness within the apartment complex. I thought this was a brilliant and cleaver  idea, I feel that all people should read this and learn from the experience of the girl and what the groups did after they heard.  This could help prevent such crimes and can help break the ice between people and there knows to help protect one another.

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