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Rape Culture



Rape culture is ingrained in our society. Instead of taking action against the accused we are making excuses. One of the most disliked myths about rape is the appearance of women. Regardless of what women are wearing or how they are acting they are never “asking for it.” I hate the myth that men cannot control themselves. Please, such a lame excuse. They are not animals, even though that is what society puts in men’s heads. I love the above picture because it is so true. If we step out of the rape culture we will notice how stupid or ignorant the things we say or think are. Enough is enough and people need to start realizing that there is no excuse for rape.


  1. arnoldjm says:

    It so sad that people still think this way even here on our campus. I was in a political science class here when someone commented during a open discussion ” Women that dress provocatively DESERVE to get raped. They’re asking for it”

    Lets just say this person had a lot of angry reactions from the rest of the class both male and female students.

  2. shaniperk says:

    I love this picture. You are so correct, instead of making men accountable for their actions, we sympathize with the offender and accuse the victim of wrong doing. This adds additional agony & suffering to an already painful experience. Indicating that a girl/woman dressed provocatively is asking for rape, also makes a general assumption that rape only happens when a female isn’t fully covered up and that’s absolutely not true.

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