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Mother Tammy Burt Group 4

This is my response to Mothering the reading on page 369. Mothers are involved in their children lives more than the fathers are. But fathers tend to have an impact in a child’s life recreational activities. A male child learns from his father the influence of the role of gender. It is said that motherhood means inmate biologically instructions on behavior and the execution of unconditional love and nurturance. The role of a mother has historically and culturally in it some cases women are expected to become a mother the duties of a mother is to and first priority is to take care of their children. A child does not come with instruction attached to the toe. There is quite a difference in saying to father just seems a little acquit and then to say mother. Society has given the impression that every woman is nurturing, comforting and full of caregiving. A woman can be a mother without having to have given birth. The United States has culturally constructed the so called normal motherhood in some class; race sees mothers as being devoted to and sacrificing for her family. In the global societies has developed and has the expectations which goes along with the assigned duties of “Motherhood” has been laid out and designed in the postindustrial communities. Assignments of the “Perfect” middle class mother has changed the managing their child’s life giving into the social and educational opportunities while overseeing their own career. This can cause stress on the child trying to live up to the expectations of his/her mother. The mother may influence the direction of her child’s life by trying to live her life through them. Accomplishing some goals in life that she may not have had the advantage to complete by having to raise a child. I can reflect back on how my grandmother raised me and I now have my own children. I often think about the animal kingdom how the female lion hunts take care of her cubs and allow the male lion to eat first whatever has been killed. A mother often puts herself last to car for her family most of the time neglecting many of her own needs and desires to look out for the wellbeing of her family. Some women when they have a child can lose focus on her for many years to devote all of her time to the requirements that it takes to raise a child. Many see the picture of the women being happy and full of joy after she has given birth. This moment changes to her having responsibilities then later come problems and some hardship. Caring for the home doing chores this is the way in which society has been structured for a girl to dream of a family rather than work outside the home and not have a family. Some women make the choice to put their lives on hold to have a family. Womanhood/ mothering have caused pain when some women in our society are not able to bear children. The diversity of women is reflected from around the world which shows mothers of all types, shapes sizes and colors. A mother understanding of her duties and the place that culture has constructed is not equal and everyone does not have the same privileges. Women that join the military she goes from being a live giver to a life taker. In some cases a mother is seen as less competent, less committed and is expected higher performances.

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  1. alemara123 says:

    I like your post. a mother gives everything to her children and her husband. she scarifies her whole life for them. because that we in Islam appreciate and value mothers and there is a sentence in our holy book says ” the heaven is under the feet of mothers.”

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