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Love your fat self

Love your fat self

This entire reading stuck with me because we are so afraid of becoming fat or looking a certain way to people that we put ourselves through so much to meet everyone else standard but our own. We need to take a look in the mirror and when we do that we should not look and see things we do not like such as the wrinkle on your forehead or the dark spot on your cheek or the number that pops up on the scale when you get on it. That wrinkle on your forehead signifies the years on this earth you have spent and the wisdom you have learnt. The dark spot on your cheek is something else on your body that makes your unique to everyone else. And who care what that darn number on the scale says be proud of you. Love yourself for the way you are if you cannot accept yourself no one will ever do the same. And this is one of the truest statements out there.

I want you to think of one thing that you don’t like about your body. Once you have done that I want you to find a positive about that exact thing. Well mine is that I don’t like my smile/teeth I think they are spaced out too much sometimes. My dentist even asked if I wanted braces at one point in my life but I didn’t get them. So what do I like about my teeth they make my smile stand out I always get compliments on my smile now though that’s because I had to be confident enough in myself to love my smile. I think we all need to take the time out to find out what makes everything about us special and find a way to love these difference. Yes I am a little rounder than I would prefer but you know what I still look beautiful and I love It.


  1. falmuhan says:

    unfortunately people worry about how others think of them. they all want look young . confidence is what makes good self-esteem….

  2. hebasha says:

    One’s primary concern should be if they are fulfilling their own happiness, rather than the satisfaction of others. As long as you’re healthy, that’s the only standard you should live up to. Being underweight is certainly not productive to obtaining a long life; the body is not receiving the nutrients it needs if you deliberately starve it. But, I suppose, victims of eating disorders shouldn’t take the blame completely. Media is a powerful institution, don’t you think?

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