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Husband Rape

Can a husband rape his wife? I read a blog post about how some people are ignorant and don’t accept the fact that there is spousal/husband rape. It seems that the common mindset is that when a man and woman marry, the woman becomes the man’s property, and believe that once married, a woman does not have the right to refuse sex with her husband.  Rape can be defined as an act of aggression in which a person is forced to participate in a sexual act against his or her will, or, for various reasons, is not able to give consent. Yes, a husband can rape his wife by forcing sex upon her violently when she doesn’t want to have sex. This is physical assault of a sexual nature and it is brutality on the wife. A wife is not a husband’s “property.”  When she says NO, it’s rape… even when she’s married to him. Every woman has the right to control her own body and to make decisions about having sex. She does not lose these rights if she marries. Unfortunately  there are some places and some ignorant people who believe this not to be true. Women are taught to obey their husband and submit to them. Marriage does not take away the right for a person to consent for sex.. Nor does it change a persons rights to what they want or not want. A husband that forces his wife to have sex when she does not want to, could be prosecuted and processed by the law if the wife, or anyone knowledgeable of this situation presses charges. Being married to a man does not make you his personal sex slave……You always have the right to say no, you have the right to refuse sex


  1. hebasha says:

    It’s so hard to believe that at one point in time, these situations were deemed as “domestic affairs” that were not within reach of the courts. Essentially the judicial system in the United States turned a blind eye to everything that happened in the home, including cases of domestic violence and rape.

  2. tlhays says:

    I don’t care if the victim and rapist are married rape is rape. Just because you are in a romantic relationship doesn’t mean that you should feel obligated to have sex and you don’t want to. It bothers me that it was just seen as something to be handled at home.

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