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Go Vegetarian

I was looking through Google images for my Body Image Blog that I posted earlier and came across this banned PETA Super Bowl ad video that asks people to go vegetarian because it promotes good sex. The ad features women having sexual interactions with vegetables, women in this ad are portrayed rubbing olive oil and vegetables all over their bodies. It is so sick and disgusting. How could an organization that claims to be  for the betterment of animals to treat human beings, mainly women, like objects. Women are portrayed as a sex toy. This ad is  humiliating and degrading women. The media is constantly degrading women. It’s  altering everything in people’s lives even the food they be eating…  I’m not against promoting  good health and going vegetarian but it should not be in a portrayal where women are degraded and used as sex objects… Why are men not portrayed in this ad ? Is it women only that can be vegetarian or men are to good and valuable, so they shouldn’t be crawling over vegetables? Why can’t the ad be portrayed in a positive way? Do women have to be almost naked if not fully for an ad to be viewed. The media needs to stop undervaluing and degrading women.


  1. hshuayto says:

    Wow!!! I would have never thought that women would be used as sex objects in a vegetarian comical. This is very sad and sickening. What i don’t get is why women are a target of attraction no matter what the topic is. What intrigues me is the fact that these women actually allow this to happen. i believe that no one ever has to be or should be almost naked for any commercial yet a lone a commercial for pulling in vegetarians.

  2. hebasha says:

    Had no idea Peta would pull this kind of stunt. I guess the mentality of “sex sells” is present in all dimensions of advertisement…

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