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Women in the Media

After watching  the movie Miss representation, I’ve realized the media  plays a large role in how women are viewed. It degrades women and sends negative messages about the ways in which women should be treated; women are becoming objectified in the sense they are viewed as objects with little value. Women are portrayed in sexualized ways for male attention. They are expected to be either young or still look as if they are young; it portrays that youth is the only form of beauty.  The media, which seems to endlessly show women as sexual objects, has the capability of limiting a woman’s potential and damaging their self-worth. I think with the constant representation of women being viewed as nothing more than sexual objects, women themselves are beginning to feel as though they have little or no potential, as well as no self-worth. The media is just undervaluing women. In the commercials we only see the thinness women and the clear faces for the make up commercials. the media focuses on women’s body and specific parts of it in advertising to sell products. It  negatively affects young women with unrealistic body images. This image forces women to have self-esteem issues. Unfortunately, the media is depicting the way women go about their daily life; women look at the media to determine how they should dress, act and in some cases even how they should perform sexually.A horrible example is being set for today’s youth. It is important to expose girls to positive role models and to let young girls know just how amazing they are and what matters is their internal beauty not the external.


  1. Stephanie Jones says:

    I think the way the media portrays women is disgusting both for its objectification of women and the impact it has on the self-esteem, not just of young girls, but of all women. The media should be showing women of all races, all shapes, and all ages rather than presenting the constant message of white, young, and thin is the only way to be beautiful. We should learn that beauty is found in all shapes and sizes and comes from within rather than constantly judging ourselves for not fitting the “beauty ideal” the media presents us with.

  2. neshaw2013 says:

    I also agree that the way the media depicts women is in need of serious work; it has a narrow scope of what the “ideal” woman is and stays close to that image. In an example of intersectionality I recently watched a documentary about race and racism in Brazil and its emphasis on one kind of woman in the media. Despite the population of Brazil being about fifty percent Afro-Brazilian, during the month the documentary was filmed, not a single dark haired or dark complexioned woman was shown on any major magazine cover. Also, like American media all of the women adhered close to the American “ideal” proportions; I found these parallels and differences to be rather interesting.

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