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Wives…stay in the kitchen?


Someone I know just posted this on Instagram and I thought it would be perfect for a “gender roles” blog post. While this may be humorous, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people took offense to this. Personally, I find it funny, yet disturbing because some men actually still have the mentality that the kitchen is where a woman belongs. I’ve heard guys say this one too many times. Whether it was intended to be a joke or not, it is undeniable that women are given these gender roles from an early age. As we have discussed in class, young girls are given kitchen sets and toy ovens to play with, while boys are encouraged to play with plastic tools and toy cars. It seems that we raise girls to accept these socially constructed gender roles, and then later criticize men for thinking that it is the woman’s responsibility to cook, remain in the kitchen, and wait on their husbands hand and foot.

The image seems to clearly ridicule women for “trying to leave the kitchen.” I put this in quotes because when I say that I am implying that some women are still discouraged from trying to build a career or get an education. We may laugh at an image such as this one, but the underlying message still pulls through–men in the workplace believing that a woman’s rightful place is in the kitchen. And so what if it was the other way around? We’ve watched scenarios  in which the wife is the bread winner and the husband remains at home, cooking, cleaning, and caring to the children. Is that not socially acceptable? Men and women who live this lifestyle may receive criticism from traditional couples in which the roles are switched. In my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with the woman of the household working and the man of the household tending to the home and children. These socially constructed gender roles can eventually be broken, it may just take a matter of accepting the lifestyles of the “non-traditional” family.

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