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What will I tell my daughter??

Growing up I was considered a tom boy, however I still wore dresses and played with Barbie’s, they usually had GI Joe boyfriends and turned into transformers when they got mad. But in retrospect I think I was a well-rounded little girl. I played sports and as well as danced ballet. My mother always told me I could be whatever I wanted in life, and that I was beautiful, more importantly on the inside where it really counted. I always believed everything my mother told me. That is till the day my cousin Sonny told me I was ugly and fat. I was so mortified I started crying. I was very confused too, why did my big cousin tell me something was wrong with me? Had my mother been lying to me all this time?

Now that I am an adult and I will soon be starting a family of my own I think about what I will tell my future daughter. Should I be honest to her and explain sometimes people are going to base everything about you on your looks? Should I try and watch what she eats and count her calories so she doesn’t have to struggle with weight issues like I did my whole life? Should I not let her entertain ideas of being president or a Doctor, because most women end up being secretaries? There are so many things I want for my future daughter, how can tell her the words is hers but then know in my mind all the hardships, struggles, and let downs she will face in her life because she is a girl?


  1. scgutier says:

    Growing up I faced the same challenges. My mom always told me that I could do anything I set my mind to. Also, she said that by setting my mind to it came hard work and dedication. She raised me to realize that life has its’ hardships but I am fully capable of going in the direction I choose. She didn’t necessarily blind me from the hardships that come from being a woman but the strength I must carry to balance it out in today’s society.

  2. abergesk says:

    Hopefully by the time your daughter is growing up, things have changed, they may not be perfect, but maybe better. However, to answer some of your points, you should definitely try and teach her the importance of health. You don’t have to go to the extreme of counting calories, but having a healthy diet/exercising can help her live a long more enjoyable life. I think you should let push for her to get a good education, while not pushing her into any specific field. Let her decide what she wants to do, what makes her happy. Feels weird giving parenting advice lol, but in the end, it is your daughter and your choice. I hope you and your future daughter live a good life together!

  3. hebasha says:

    It’s quite difficult to raise a child in a very open and supportive environment and, as they grow up, they realize that not everyone is quite as accepting as their own. I believe that with the simple desire of understanding one another without harboring any hate is one step closer to suppressing our attitudes that are always so quick to judge. If your daughter could remain consistent in this mindset, the harsh reality that judges individuals at face value won’t have so much of a negative effect on her perception of beauty.

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