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“Two Star Football Players…”

It’s been all over the news, “two star football players found guilty of rape.” Is there anything wrong with that headline? The two teens were found guilty of raping an allegedly drunk 16-year-old girl. These two teenage boys committed a crime that has ruined the 16-year-old girls life but are still being recognized for their football career that is “unfortunately over.” The news reporter recognized these two rapist’s as “two young men that had promising futures, are very good students, and star football players who watched their lives fall apart.”

What seems to be more preposterous is the fact that they didn’t seem to mention how the 16-year-old girl was going to be emotionally scared for the rest of her life. The defendant’s life seems to be more important than the victim’s life. Reporters stated that alcohol played a major role in the incident. Regardless of whether or not the girl was drunk, the two teens should not have took those actions. To make things worse, they took nude pictures of the girl while she was intoxicated.

With a case like this, I would have expected both defendants to serve more than two years. However, a minimum of one year seemed more than enough for one of the boys and two years for the other teen who also took the pictures. I don’t think the courts decision was fair and believe the boys should have received more time.  The teens apologized after the court ruling and one of them was in tears in the middle of his apology. The reporters once again, were talking about the teen crying and felt sorry for them. What about the teenage girl? She’s the victim, remember?

The teen “didn’t mean to ruin her life.” You also didn’t mean to rape her, right? Well if you didn’t mean to ruin her life, then you would have never raped her.

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  1. wahmad2013 says:

    The title of your blog grabbed my attention. I didn’t realize it would be about the Ohio rape case until actually reading your blog. The labels that the media has been giving these two boys are ridiculous. They commit a crime and now they are being praised for it? That doesn’t seem moral. The victim is the one suffering not the defendants. This goes back to what we discussed in class. The accusations made would be that it was the girls fault for getting drunk or that she should have wore less revealing clothing. So, it was the girls fault that she was raped and had nude pictures taken of her? The media should try again.

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