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To be a Woman

There are certain roles women are expected to ascribe to when it comes to networks like family and culture. There are expected roles we must take on such as being a certain kind of wife, mother, and daughter. I believe that being a mother is not a fulfillment of happiness that women strive to achieve. I feel like women are faced with an enormous amount of pressure to be perfect wives and mothers. In my family, the first question my aunts or uncles ask is: “When are you getting married?” and when you finally do get married they ask: “When are you going to have a baby?” and when that baby is a girl, they ask: “When are you going to have a boy?” As if that that part is up to us. I feel like women are faced with this pressure to fit the traditional role of being a “women”. It becomes frustrating when culture and family refuses to acknowledge the ever-changing roles women in society are taking on. Now more than ever, women are becoming more independent, receiving higher education, and entering high paying careers. This could be a threat to many men; at least to many men I know from experience. In my culture, the man is known to be the supporter or breadwinner in the family. When he married a woman who is more educated than he is or earns higher income, he feels threatened and problems can occur from that. Unless a woman marries a man who is open-minded and supportive of her accomplishments, it’s sad to say tension could arise. When this happens, the blame is immediately put on the woman because she is not satisfying her traditional role of being a housewife and caretaker. As an Arab female, I feel this pressure to oblige by these traditional norms but as a Muslim female, I am glad to say that I would still be able to accomplish my goals even with the support of my husband. As a Muslim female, I am encouraged to seek knowledge and am not obligated to stay at home and serve as a maid. The misconception of religion and culture being one in the same is commonly accepted by many.  Culture can have a strong influence on a person’s life, much so that it can be confused for something that people feel is a requirement to fulfill their religious duties. I find it unsettling to learn that many people in the modern world refuse to accept a woman’s role in her occupation, education, and home. I am wishful that these attitudes will change along with the progression of women’s roles in society.


  1. kimmiepie66 says:

    I feel that there will be a time when women are accepted for who they are and not how they fit into whatever roles our society, or our families, or our cultures try to pigeon-hole us into.

  2. tlhays says:

    I feel like people downplay a lot of what women do because they feel like it’s something we are “supposed” to do which may be true but, it never hurts to give acknowledgement for what women do besides on Mother’s Day. Let’s be honest there are lots of women that do a lot but, they aren’t mothers so where is their recognition.

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