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The Invisible War

After watching the Invisible War, I was shocked and mortified! I had heard incidents in which the men in the army were raping women in the countries they were stationed at. It was sad to hear of the stories in which these women were brutally raped and murdered. I just hadn’t thought that this situation would pertain to the women in the military as well. I thought that maybe these men would treat the women in the army with at least a little more respect seeing as they are risking their lives along with them; fighting for the same cause. Hearing Kori’s story brought me to tears; I was angry and shocked. I felt injustice has been presiding and nothing had been done about it. I did not think that it was possible to have this type of injustice be turned away in this  country of ours. These women risked their lives to protect this nation and when they needed support and protection, they received nothing in return. This truly upsets me; I could see first hand misogyny working at its best when some of the military men would say that the women are there for only one reason: something to look at. This also contradicts the popularized notion in rape culture that women are asking to be raped when they dress in provocative ways. The women in the military wear the exact same uniforms the men do and they still get attacked. This whole dilemma is outrageous and needs to be addressed. It is sad to see that so many women who join the military wind up regretting it because of this horrific incident that happened to them. I think more people need to be active and write to our members of Congress relaying their concerns about the injustice and maltreatment of the women in the military. I recommend that every person that holds a position in the government should see this documentary and put an end to this disgusting act. These men should be punished and exposed for what they have done. The brave women that fought for our country are now living in pain, fear, and distress because of the selfishness these me portrayed.

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