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The invisible war

WOW!!!!! This is what comes to my mind after watching The Invisible War. While I was watching this movie I had to hold back the tears from coming out due to the shock, horror, and sadness that I felt for each of these individuals. Why is this okay? Why does this occur so frequently? Why do we keep saying it is not acceptable but it is still happening and the change is progressing so slowly? In the movie we keep seeing the congress saying this is unacceptable to the DOD but it did not improve nor did they seem to be any consequences. Then there was the poor attempt to address the issue through the use of these stupid ads to use the buddy system and don’t put yourself in certain situation. How do you know who to trust?
For each of the women and men in this position where they have been raped in the army my heart breaks for each of them. It even turned me away from thinking about going into to the arm due to this. I believe that if someone creates this unit that acts in a manner in which there is such a bond that is as strong as that of a family unit how can you betray someone like that? I could never think to do anything to harm my family.
Then there is the fact that they waive the previously deviant behaviors of those who have committed previous sex crimes. Why did we waive it? This just gave that individual the okay to do this behavior especially in the setting of that of the US armed forces. I believe our government is our downfall. Yes this is an extreme statement but at times this is how I feel. It is as though they have let so much slide through the cracks just to make themselves look better. I believe this system as a whole has not had a strong ethical holding on what is right and wrong. I know when we begin to speak about what is right and wrong things become a little trick for us but why is this? If we are the standard for what is great why is it such an issue? It’s just that things like this leaves me with so many questions rather than answers

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