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Thank you Sheryl Sandberg

When we were given the assignment to find positive examples of females in the media, I didn’t realize I was going to have as hard of a time as I did. I first started my search on the internet with CNN, New York Times, MSN News, Yahoo News, etc. But, all I found were articles about women that were negative. Even the articles that started out positive ended up with some negative coverage. Since I didn’t find anything in the news, I started to check the Entertainment websites. To my surprise, I found no positive and more negative. The only positive media that I found had to do with men. I gave up for the day and decided tomorrow might bring better results. The next day, I searched the internet and the same websites. Eureka! I had found one article. I was starting to think our professor sent us on a search that was meant to be a failure. The article was about Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In and the success it was receiving— number one seller on Amazon, 140K copies first week with 400,000 copies in print. I read the article but was sadly disappointed that it was only a couple of paragraphs. How could this be? How is it possible that Kim Kardashian’s prego bump, her alleged rocky relationship with her baby daddy and her horrible choice of prego fashion have gotten more coverage than Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, and her book encouraging women to advance in the workforce?

I guess negative media does sell because it didn’t take very long for Sheryl Sandberg to get her cut of negative publicity. As I searched the internet for items of interest to blog about, I found more and more negative articles criticizing her book. Some of the articles had some valid points but why are we so quick to criticize. I am so thankful that women like Sheryl Sandberg have taken it upon themselves to acknowledge that there is a problem with women advancing in the workforce, bringing these issues to light and suggesting solutions on how we can change it. Yes, the book may be speaking to a specific group of females in the workforce but let’s be honest she wrote the book based on her experience. She is one voice of many. We can’t expect her to have the solution for everyone. This is a difficult task to ask of someone. It’s as if someone asked me to come up with the solution to our nation’s debt problem.

We all started somewhere. We all have a story. We all have a voice. All we can do is give people the courage to share their story in hopes that it might be able to help one person. If they end up helping more than one person even better. It is difficult for people to share their stories when they see someone else get criticized for what they didn’t do rather than thank them for the knowledge they have shared. So, thank you Sheryl Sandberg for your contribution to women’s advancement.

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