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Textual Harassment

Texting, along with all social media in modern-day America, is becoming an increasing problem for parents and their children. I did not realize, however, how serious this problem has become before reading the “Textual Harassment” article from the book. Texting, along with other forms of social media, are becoming an easy way for ex boyfriends or girlfriends to stalk and harass their former significant others. I always knew this was a problem in that it could be annoying to constantly receive texts or internet messages from someone that you are not interested in talking to, but the article continued to say that these private messages have ultimately been signs leading to individuals being in danger, and in certain cases, deaths. I feel that because parents do not want to seem too nosy or in their children’s business, they tend to give their children privacy, and very seldom read their children’s texts or ask what their children are texting others about. However, my concern is that parents are giving their parents too much privacy when it comes to their phones and social media. In my house, as I was growing up, I can remember my mom looking over my shoulder, reading what I was typing to people on instant messenger online. I used to get extremely annoyed and angry with her. However, after reading the “Textual Harassment” article and seeing how people that are being threatened and harassed via text message have parents that are oblivious to the problem, due to the fact that they never tell their parents there is a problem, makes me appreciate that my mom would take matters into her own hands and check to see that the messages I was sending and receiving were alright. For example, the article said there was a case where a young woman received over 700 unanswered text messages from an ex-boyfriend and did not tell her parents about the problem. I am not sure if the young woman did not tell her parents so she would not make the ex-boyfriend look crazy, or just because she did not think that it was a major problem and that she was in no way actually threatened. In reality, the text messages should have been seen as very threatening, and the young woman’s life was tragically taken by the ex-boyfriend. I feel that if cell phones and social media were not as private as they are today and the woman’s parents would have been able to see the text messages she was receiving, they could have taken action and probably saved their daughter’s life. Ultimately, I feel that the privacy of cell phones is a huge problem in America and parents must begin to actively talk to their children about any problems they may be having involving their phones and media.

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