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When we usually think of a family, we think of a mom, dad, children, pets, grandparents and relatives. The mother is usually the one to stay at home and the father is the one that is working to support the family. However this is not always the case. In some cases, men are stay at home dads and the mother is the one working to support the family. Some fathers choose to be stay at home dads rather than forced to be. After watching both videos in class, I came to realize that there are actually many men that take care of their children, cook and clean and still enjoy living their lives with their family and friends.

In one of the videos, fathers formed their own play groups to solve the problem of feeling uncomfortable joining stay at home mom groups. The fathers would meet with other fathers and their children. Women of course, were only allowed by invitation because it was their time to spend with their children. Fathers used this time to communicate with others and discuss their daily routines and just have a normal conversation while their children played with one another. They compared each other’s lives and the complications of being stay at home dads. Some fathers believe that being stay at home dads is actually more complicated than their old jobs.

University of Maryland professor is worried about stay at home dads. He believes that stay at home dads and stay at home moms are equal but different. Their children receive different opportunities from their mothers and different opportunities from their fathers. I usually think of a dad to be the one working and the mother providing care for her children. However, these videos showed me otherwise. There are fathers out there who decide to take on that role and mothers who decide to take on the fatherly role. It is no surprise that there are parents who step into each other’s shoes.

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  1. selmasri2013 says:

    Families are varied with many people. They are structured differently with each person having specific roles of their own. Sometimes the roles overlap one another and at other times they are shared. With the stay at home dads videos, fathers take on the motherly role while mothers take on the fatherly role. It is interesting to see that the roles can be shared amongst the families and that fathers can take care of their children while the mother is away.

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