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SMU Leads the Way Against Sexual Violence Against Women

While I was browsing through the Internet, I came across an article titled, “SMU leads the way against sexual violence against women.” Saint Martin’s University is taking a stand against physical and sexual violence against women. Starting tomorrow, April 8, 2013, Saint Martin’s University is starting to host activities all week long to reduce physical and sexual violence against women. They are trying to prevent abuse against women and advocate on the behalf of victims as well.

According to the international movement known as “Take Back the Night,” at least one of every three women worldwide has been beaten, sexually assaulted or abused in some way. Of these assaults, less than fifty percent are reported to the police. It makes me wonder about the other half of assaults that occur. If they are not reported, then what is being done to stop the person who did the crime? It makes it hard for the victim to talk about the issue to a close relative, yet alone tell the police. The University is holding its fifth annual Sexual Assault Awareness Week and hopes to do more to end the injustice that keeps occurring. Many activities will be held during the week including making t-shirts that express ones feelings about a personal experience or about someone who they knew that got assaulted. A coordinator will also be available to talk about resources that are made available for students. They will also provide students, faculty, staff and community members an opportunity to take self defense classes to help them prepare for such incidences.

These events are one of many that may help spread awareness around for the many sexual assaults that have been occurring. It is also a source to use to help others gain a better understanding of what is going on and how to help end abuse.

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  1. ninazm21 says:

    This is great! Not only does it spread awareness on the issue but it also provides avenues for solutions. The more awareness there is on the issue the more likelihood there is for effective solutions to arise. This is the type of thing that can occur on every college campus nationwide and really make a difference.

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