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Reflection on Size

I regret not posting this on the first week of class.

We had discussions and watched movies early on about body image.

I personally have always felt particularly stumped when it comes to dealing with this issue. What I mean is that when others discriminate against over-weight people I do not know how to tell them they are wrong for fear of them turning on me. That is not to say that I feel prejudiced against on a daily basis, but I have sometimes felt hate from others who obviously think I should be thinner.

Simply writing about this I want to be careful to not offend and I’m struggling to find words.

There is nothing wrong with being fat, nor does it make someone ugly. I have no problem with fat people. I feel bad calling them fat in this post but I feel that it is the only way to express what I am trying to say. There are other words used sometimes, like “thick,” “chunky,” or my favorite “full figured.” But honestly they all mean the same things.

I guess my main problem is that I can see the skinny-side opinion as having some validity Рhealth. This is what creates the most turmoil for me as I attempt to make my ideas coherent. Because in the end, being overweight is hard on the body.I have a cardiologist who I see every three years to check on my murmur caused by a torn valve. My cardiologist is very fat. When I was little he used to tell me I was slightly above the weight he would prefer to see me at, and he would cite that my heart has to work harder when I weigh more than my body is designed for.

But he was fat.

So I never respected him.


My boyfriend worries about my health. I think he is worried about my weight and it makes me feel quite shitty for having chosen such a man. But he always reassures me that his concern is rooted in my diet; which is valid. I never eat fresh fruits or veggies – and he does, a lot. So he wants me to be as healthy as him. But I think even if I ate veggies and worked out regularly, I would still be a little “thick.” That doesn’t bother me, and it better not bother him.


I know skinny people who eat crap, and I know fat people who eat healthy.

Either way, I don’t think those fat people should be looked down on for their size.

Recently I was worried that I should slim down so I would feel more confident in job interviews. Then I realized how ridiculous that seems. And then I remembered the harsh reality that people associate body shape with work ethic.

Point is, people suck.


  1. lkkeilma says:

    Your boyfriend and you may perceive flavors differently. Perhaps you don’t eat as many vegetables as he does because you experience a more extreme taste sensation.

    Some people are “super tasters” and they are able to detect a bitter flavor that other regular tasters can’t. They are less likely to eat vegetables.

  2. lysaleh says:

    Love that you wrote about this. I’m sure many other people can relate. We try so hard to look as good as the next person, and it never seems to be enough. Genetics!!! I always blame the genes ūüėČ My two best friends are 5’7″ and 115 lbs., so it’s not an awesome feeling standing next to them at the pool…But I think being healthy is still the number one most important thing, whether thick or thin.

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