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There use to be a time when I use to belive in the slogans like Be proud to serve your country, Uncle Sam wants you! Be army strong, The proud, the few, the Marines. So I have to ask what is there to be proud of and what have you done for me lately? After personal experience, seeing the movie the invisible war and reading an article in the AARP Bulletin March 2013 there is not to much to be proud of. It is way pass time to take off the rose colored glasses off and see the armed forces in another light. I have come to realize that all the armed forces does to our young men and women is use them up and spit them out. When they come home with PTS disorder, mental illness, depression, scared and body parts missing the only thing the VA does for our brave men and women is close the door on them and say Alice does not live here any more.
In an article I read called ” What an Outrage The Long, Long, Wait for Vet’s Benefits, is about a man who gave 18yrs of his life to he Navy is battling PTSD is still waiting on a didability claim from 2006.Like many others Hosea Roundtree is still waiting on compensation. IN the article it states that 900,000 Vets wait an average of 9 mons. or longer for VA to rule on claims. Many Vets have died while waiting on claims to be processed. My personal outrage happen when the VA almost killed my husband after knee replacement surgery close to 3yrs. ago. They did not sent him home with any boold thinners and he developed 3 blood clots on his lungs. Besides almost dying his physical therapy was delayed, he now walks with a limb, he loses his balance a lot and his lungs are permanently damaged. Like the women in the invisible war he tried to sue but no such luck. This is more then an outrage the way the VA treats our Vets. Without them we would not be able to call this great country of ours the land of the FREE!


  1. heralex27 says:

    I’m so sorry about your husband. I wish there was an easy way to get justice. But I think with every new story that comes out things are slowly beginning to change. It is a terrible and broken system.

  2. wahmad2013 says:

    I am sorry to hear that. I did not ever think about the hardships that our veterans face before watching the movie The Invisible War or reading your post. It really opens up our eyes on the issues going on and what the VA is not doing to help protect them. Rather than acting on the case, they simply ignore it until something bad happens. Our veterans are protecting the country. They should also be protected.

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