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Ohio Rape Case

One of the most recent topics on the news was the Ohio rape case. It involved two teenage boys that were accused of raping a 16 year old girl. They were at a party, which led to the girl’s intoxication. The boys took advantage of the girl without her consent and raped her. They also took nude photos of the girl. They weren’t called out as rapists. Their punishment for all this was getting noticed as star football players and good students who had a great future ahead of them.

The two boys apologized for their misconduct and one of the boys began crying during his apology. When this happened, reporters actually felt sympathetic and continued discussing their futures. Their futures had ended and “no one would want them anymore.” I think the reporters forgot what had really happened. A young 16 year old girl was rapped by those two boys. But the media was more concerned with their futures instead of her life and her recovery. Would she even recover after this incident? Will she ever attend another party? Will she still associate with her guy friends the way she used to? Is she going to leave her house without over thinking everything? These are questions that must be answered. The young girl is not going to have a normal life. Like one of the boys stated, he has ruined her life. But he didn’t mean to… that’s kind of funny. How did you not mean to ruin her life?

I believe the judge was too lenient with their punishment. I believe they both should have received more time especially since they took things further and took pictures of the girl while she was drunk. It is people like this that make women scared of men. Not all men are rapists and not all men are dangerous. However, its those men that make women think we are all dangerous.


  1. scgutier says:

    I completely understand your point of view. The media likes us to see one side of events which includes politics, world affairs, and more. The “Power Elite” have control of what we see and hear and influences which direction we sway. It’s a horrible thing to know how easily it is for the media to switch something around as severe as this.

  2. nabbas2013 says:

    I also wrote about this case. The media was only focused on the two teenage boys who did the crime. But what about the actual victim? She is the one that is going to have to live with this for the rest of her life. The boys will eventually forget about what they did and move on or perhaps commit the same crime over again.

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