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Neutral on Abortion

I have read many blogs throughout this semester regarding abortion and the different viewpoints regarding pro-life and pro-choice. I have also commented on many of these blogs and introspected on my own opinions on this issue. Then it occurred to me that regardless of ones opinion regarded this topic; do we really know what the governmental regulations regarding this issue are?

The big legal issues concerning reproduction and birth can be addressed by the controversies in defining human life and the definitive terms for when a human life becomes a “person”. There are also legal concerns for natural and gestational surrogacy. There is great debate on who ought to be recognized as a person.

The 1973 Roe vs. Wade act extended to a woman’s decision to have an abortion, but that right must be balanced against the state’s two legitimate interests in regulating abortions: protecting prenatal life and protecting women’s health. Now you would think nobody knows the true past, present and future health status of a woman other than that woman. Shouldn’t she choose what is the best for her health and well-being? Regardless of previous and current law decisions on abortions or whether abortion is legal or illegal in each state, the government still finds way to prevent abortions. There have been many articles of complaints regarding anti-abortion groups that are pushing laws that would make it too expensive for providers to remain in operation. Yet this would contradict the overall law to try to protect women’s health because women will have to seek other (unhealthy) methods to terminate their pregnancy.

I personally do not understand my own opinion regarding abortion because no one would really know what decision they need to make unless in that situation themselves. However I believe if the government is truly trying to protect human rights and human health, the last thing they should be doing is making the personal decisions of others. If everyone, including our government, remained neutral on the abortion issue then it would not be an issue at all.

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