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My fight for birth control

The issue of women and their right to choose the use of birth control or even have an abortion has been one crazy ride. Now the question I pose today is why should the right to control your body be put in the hands of someone else? Well it should not be the right of anyone else to tell you how to run your body. If a woman is able to make the decision of which president she want to put in office or even go abroad to fight for her country why isn’t she able to make a decision of what to do with her OWN body ? Isn’t this crazy? I remember watching the news and the high intensity on the issue of birth control we have Friess on the tv saying that if women wanted a good birth control plan hold and aspirin between their knee. What the hell is wrong with our society? Seriously why is the woman the one that is always held accountable for the sexual escapades committed by both genders? A female is always looked at as a problem when she takes steps to have safe sex but a man doesn’t have to worry about this. There is no consequence for his indiscretion.
We must put this ancient and trivial mind-set behind us as a society. We have come too far to turn around now. So what can we do is the question? I think we must make these topics common conversation make the world listen. We have so many new ways to let our voices be heard now especially through social media. We must use these advances for our own societal advancement. If we do not try to change this what type of society are we leaving for our next generation?
I know in our book one of our readings by Margret Sanger, she speaks of a doctor’s visit where the young woman ask the doctor is there a way to prevent having another baby. The doctor response was that you want your cake while you eat it too. Why must it be seen this was women are trying to stay in control of their bodies and I personally do not think there is anything wrong with that.

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