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Music Videos and their Contents

Music has been around since man-kind has existed. But different genres have evolved from previous times. Hip hop and RnB being some of the music types that have evolved through time. But fairly “recently” they have been a growing music sensation in society mostly between youth in the 21st century. Both genders take part of being music artists in this genre, but are they portrayed equally when it comes to music performances and videos? Even though both genders have a fair amount of equal opportunity to succeed as artist, there seem to be some kind of sexism when it comes to the production of the music video. There are many videos where women are in bikini and the men are fully dressed in suits. Also when there’s a car in the video, women are the one’s modeling the car and showing their body. Likewise the main singer surrounded by woman was also a very common thing to perceive in a music video.

When the Super Bowl came around and Beyoncé performed many in class questioned “Would she have received the same feedback of her performance if she was fully dressed?” Many said yes for the simple reason that she is already known and she is recognized from her Fans everywhere. But others answered with a “No” because part of this genre of music requires women to show their body to an extent. For men it’s different if they show their body it would only be their torso and they would have pants on.

As well many would argue that women are being objectified. I remember my 7th grade teacher would always complain of how unfair music videos were and how they “disrespected” women. She would always go on a rant about how it downgrades woman showing them with “no self-respect” and guys being shown as dominant. My teacher felt strongly about this issue and therefore refused to like and listen to this music genre. Even though I might agree with her to a certain extent I still enjoy listening to this music genre. I enjoy it mostly because of the rhythmic and beat this type of music contributes not necessarily because of the music video content. In my case the music video doesn’t really affect my perspective in the music because I enjoy listening to that type of music. One great factor is that women like to participate in the music videos and they see nothing wrong with them. In this case I respect both sides, but always acknowledging that male dominance persist even in the music industry.


  1. scgutier says:

    I agree that music and music videos, although they go together, do not mean they represent the same image. Throughout history men have dominated the music industry dating as far back as history has been recorded. Today woman are getting out there but unfortunately felt the need to objectify themselves to get noticed. Then again was it because of their acceptance they were able to break through the barrier?

    • gomezale says:

      Exactly! Is that what it took for them to become accepted to that music genre? But if women doing it are okay with that then there’s really nothing to change?! Or what do you think?

      • scgutier says:

        I think that they did this so that they can change it. They accepted what they must do to get their foot in the door but, the point was so they could make a difference once they were in. As a woman their are certain challenges to face and it is the choice of how to approach it that can make the difference. So yes, changes can be made so that woman do not need to accept this role as a “show price” to succeed.

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