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Men more depressed about not having kids???

When it comes to having kids, we always assume that men are always on the edge about it. There tends to be more social pressure on the women to have children, but a recent study says otherwise. According to a small British survey, men feel more depressed and lonely when they do not have children of their own. In the article “No kids, Men are More Depressed About It,” it stated that “Compared with women, these men also were more likely to feel jealous of other parents and sad, angry, and depressed ver not having kids.” I was really surprised to find this out because of the misconception that men are always looking for a way out when it comes to starting a family. I think after reading this article and watching the two videos about the stay at home dads I have a new perspective on things. Some men enjoy and feel the need to take on what we call the “motherly” role. There are also misconceptions that the mother is the one there for nurturing and love, but the dad is there for support.  I don’t believe that this is the only case. Stay at home dads will eventually develop the loving and nurturing roles because they spend more time with their children than the mothers do. After discussing this subject in class and doing a little research myself, I was taught that “family” does not have a single or even two definitions. Every person defines family in their own way. What we consider to be a perfect family can seem otherwise to others. I grew up with both parents working, so both parents took on the supporting roles that some families only have one parent doing. Because both took that supporting role, I was capable of sharing the same bond with both parents.


  1. rwhensle says:

    I agree with your position on this Sarah. As a 32 year-old male with no children of my own, I often feel some of the pressures from society for not having kids. I definitely have respect for the social pressures that many women feel as far as why they don’t have children but I can also say the pressures from friends, family and society in general, aren’t limited to just women.

  2. sparkst2013 says:

    This blog was enlightening to me because I never thought that men experienced some of the same pressure concerning why they don’t have children when they reach a certain age.

  3. wahmad2013 says:

    I found your article interesting. I am not married and do not have kids of my own, but hope to have children in the near future. After watching the two videos, I realized that men and women tend to switch roles at times too. I also think it is manageable to maintain both a job and a family.

  4. nabbas2013 says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog post. This didn’t cross my mind before. I always thought we were more pressured into having kids than men were. A family may be defined differently in a variety of families. What it means to one person may not mean the same to another. It’s also nice to see parents switching roles in the family or at least sharing the roles with one another.

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