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Ken and Barbie Live: Every child’s dream, I hope not.

The real life Ken and Barbie are quite the opposite!
k and b

Justin Jedlica who has had 100s of operations to looks like a real life Ken doll and Valeria Lukyanova who fantasizes herself as the real life Barbie are so far from reality using the word real to describe them is absurd.

Although, today the word “reality” is used in conjunction with TV to generate the genre reality TV that is obviously fake to anyone who is capable of rudimentary levels of critical analysis.

I suppose I am arguing on semantics since we all know they are not “real.”
Justin and Valeria do look like dolls so for purpose of this discussion I will call them real life dolls.

Justin Jedlica has had over a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of plastic surgery to appear like a real life doll.  Justin is simply perpetuating a cycle false masculinity produced by society and the media.

k as a child
Justin as a child:

Just said, “I hated school as I would get bullied about my looks and as time went on I became more and more determined to change everything about myself.”

before k 1
Justin as a teenager:

People made fun of Justin, so Justin tried to change himself.

Justin stated, “When I was 14 I started drawing pictures of what I wished I looked like with a thin pointy nose, flat forehead and blue eyes,” and “as time went on I began to realize more and more that my ideal look was actually Barbie’s boyfriend Ken.”

before k
Justin at 18:

Justin became fixated on perfection and looked to fantasy as a solution.  Society’s pressure on Justin has caused him to warp his gender expression.  Justin uses surgery, disciplinary beauty practices and disciplinary body practices to achieve his goal.

k today
Justin today:

Valeria Lukyanova also strives to be a doll, but she has only had one surgery.

b before
Valeria with ‘normal’ levels of makeup and products:

b after
Valeria with the doll make up and her one operation:

I suppose you can guess what one operation she has had  by looking at the picture. [Breast implants]  The rest of Valeria’s appearance is created with makeup and products.

Society’s pressure on women to fit the mythical norm and false feminism take a heavy toll on young women.  Valeria is an extreme example, but luckily most the physical changes done to her are reversible.
To maintain her doll appearance Valeria has been on a liquid diet for years and wants to change to an “air and light” diet!

Both Valeria and Justin perpetuate a cycle of body objectification that will likely lead others down their sad path.  I hope they are able to realize they are people and not dolls and that what is on the inside matters the most.


Source for Ken:

Source for Barbie:


  1. kmsweet says:

    Wow, I haven’t heard of these people until now, and it’s disturbing how they barely look human anymore. It’s also sad how they both look so much happier and natural in the before-pictures.

    • jasonjameson says:

      Yeah, and they actually hate each other!

      He says she is not “real” since she uses makeup and drag queens use makeup to look like her. And then she says he is not real since he has 100,000 and over a 100 surgeries to look like a doll.

      I feel sorry for both of them.

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