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Hardscrabble Salvation by Joel Preston Smith

I had the pleasure to read this the very interesting reading by Joel Preston Smith “Hardscrabble Salvation”. This short piece of work was very personal and raw. I felt like the author was speaking to me telling me about his life experience and that it was a dialogue.

            In this story the young child begins explaining how he felt that his life was falling apart slowly. He once lived in the city and had to move and live to a place that he described as hell.  A farm in Liberty, West Virginia. In the beginning he speaks of all the complaints and grievances he told his mother. He hated his life at that point.

            After a while his father had passed away from a heart attack and he was left alone with his mother. This was a big turning point in his and his mothers’ life.  His mother a crippled young woman had to become super woman to have them survive. She got a job at a plant that was a far drive from home, worked long hours, just to earn enough money to own and tend to the land. Even after her long drive to and from work, and her hard long working hours she would come home and go work on the land. This was the picture that kept flashing in the  young child’s mind over and over again as he struggled in his life.

            We all have our motivators, inspirers, and role models. As the young boy in this story I also look at the struggles my mother has gone through her entire life raising 4 children with my father constantly traveling for business.  I remember always complaining to her that I was tired even though I did not work, I just attended school had no worries and played all day. My mother used to work all day to make sure we were secured so that we wouldn’t have to experience the struggles that have passed on her in her life. I look at her and see her as my superwoman.

            Every time I feel like I’m under to much pressure or stress, I remember the strength of my mother, I lift my head and tell my self I can get thru this and anything if my mom made it through the times she did. I jump into the workload feeling confident and superior. This is what Smith also explains in the story, that his mother’s hard work was always a flashback for him at hard times and always kept him going no matter what came in his way.




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