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Get real, getting married before age 25 is not too young

As I was browsing trough the Internet, I came across an old article that was posted regarding young marriage. Apparently, getting married before the age of twenty five is too young. According to the article, the Huffington Post had asked the government to forbid the practice of marriage for young people. They believe that couples should not be allowed to get married before the age of twenty five. However, Steven Crowder believes otherwise. He believes you can still marry young and live a long and happy life with your spouse. He uses a personal example and states that his fiancée and himself are getting married “young.” He also includes a list of his family members and friends who have been married young and don’t seem to have a problem. So, yeah it is possible to have a successful young marriage.  He states:

“My parents were married “young” and have been so happily for twenty eight years.

The bride-to-be’s parents were married in their teens, and they’ve been celebrating their love for well over forty years.

The bride’s grandparents were married exceedingly young. They’ll be going on seventy years soon.

The pastor marrying us married his high school sweetheart. Over twenty years and going strong!

The best man (my brother) married just below your government-sanctioned cutoff… He’s still doing very well with his gorgeous, loyal, loving wife. (And, might I add, good for him, we didn’t think he’d do so well for himself.)

Two more of my remaining groomsmen married when either they or their wives were under the age of twenty-two.”

I have witnessed many couples marry young. Some of them are actually my friends. When one is ready to marry, whether young or old, it is their decision. It is not the government’s decision. I found this article interesting in that the next thing the government would be controlling is when someone would be allowed to marry.


  1. nabbas2013 says:

    Many couples have been getting married young and many of the marriages have been successful. It is actually kind of funny that the government would be asked to banned young marriage. I have also had many friends marry young. My parents married young and are still together. They have had a healthy and successful relationship. Many of their sisters and brothers also married young and are still together. Twenty-five years is not too young.

  2. henrysaadi says:

    Well as far as government banning young marriages goes I think that is more far fetched than actually possible. I also think that their are two arguments here and both are not related to one another. For example, the reason why the Huffington post suggested this is because more and more younger marriages are ending in divorce and this may be to the financial stability of the younger generation now, However I do believe as you stated that those circumstances do not pertain to everyone but we must note more and more 25 year olds are living with their parents now days more than ever.

  3. mpietila says:

    It is disheartening to hear that couples who marry before the age of 25 will have a greater risk of ending in divorce. This article aggravates me because, like you said, it is everyone’s choice. At 25, you’re way past the age of being able to vote, be in the military, own a home, decide your education and career- why can’t you have someone you love by your side during that time? Besides, there are many marriages that end where the couple were past 25.

  4. katieblacker says:

    I agree that it’s everyone’s choice as to what age they choose to get married, but I also agree with a previous comment that says that the article is more about how more younger couples are getting divorced. The facts seem to be that the younger you are, the more likely you are to have an unsuccessful marriage. I agree that that isn’t always the case – I have a lot of friends who are married or engaged and are doing very well and are very happy, but I also have known many people who have jumped into a marriage very young and have had to deal with the consequences.

    I think it really depends on the relationship and the people involved and if they’re ready for such a big step in terms of moving their relationship to the “next level”.

  5. zhassan2013 says:

    I think getting married young, for the right reason that is, allows more flexibility between partners. Before 25 people are usually “figuring themselves out.” If you can start your life with the person you think is right for you and adapt to each other, it is more likely that you will get along with them than if you get married older and have a set way of thinking and lose your adaptability.

  6. ninazm21 says:

    I don’t think getting married young puts you at a greater risk for divorce but I do think getting married immature or prematurely absolutely does. Having said that, it all depends on the circumstances and the people. I like you know many couples that married young. Not because they were in love or because someone was pregnant but because at the time when they reached a certain age the societal pressure was on to get married and they would be introduced to people until they found the person they would be okay with, or in some cases really happy with marrying. Sometimes those relationships are successful, but from my experiences those type of relationships are tough because you are getting married and starting a family before you even really know who you are. Sometimes you grow together,your personalities click, and the marriage works but a lot times the marriage is an unhappy one even if it doesn’t end in divorcee. Although, it really all depends on the two individuals getting married not on their age.

  7. scgutier says:

    I agree, the government would be taking it a step too far trying to control the age at which we are able to marry. At age 25 we are already able to do countless things. I do not necessarily think that age is correlated with maturity. Thus marriage can sink or swim at any age. Perhaps the reason marriages fail in general, isn’t due to their age but today’s society making divorce more socially acceptable.

  8. abergesk says:

    I totally agree. My sister got married last year and they were both 23 at the time. They had pretty much been living together for 5 years prior, it was only a matter of time. But they make each other happy and are a perfect match for one another. Age is a terrible measure of maturity in my opinion.

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