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Gender Stereotypes in the Media

For my last blog of the semester I wanted to touch on a topic that sort of irritates me. This idea that men and women need to hold specific roles in the household. Whether it’s on a TV show or movie or pretty much anywhere you look. The fact is, in 2013 I think its time that we put to rest the notion that men are the bread-winners and women are the homemakers. Full disclosure here, I am a male who was raised by a single mother. A mother who made damn sure that I knew everything it took to maintain a home. From laundry to cooking to cleaning, etc. There were no exceptions. Because of this I take offense to some of the TV shows like “King of Queens” that portray men as being just lazy, overweight dummies who can’t do anything around the house without the help of a woman. On the flip side of that, I can certainly appreciate why women would be offended at the countless TV shows or movies that portray them as helpless individuals who need to be rescued by a man, whether it be financially or otherwise.
Sadly, it’s the TV shows and the movies that perpetuate these stereotypes and work to further enforce the perceived gender roles in our society. I think if the media would try and break the cycle by producing some, dare I say, quality TV that people would still find amusing and yet portrayed the female as the bread-winner and the man as the “stay-at-home” dad, maybe we’d live to see some of these gender roles removed from society. I could be mistaken but the last movie I can remember (really aging myself here) where the man was actually given the typically perceived “woman’s role” in the household was a movie titled, “Mr. Mom”. For those of you that don’t know that movie came out in 1983. I don’t really remember how society viewed this movie when it came out because I was pretty young, but for some reason I get the feeling not enough has changed since then and society would still view this as pretty rare.


  1. abergesk says:

    I’m in the same boat (male raised by single mom). I was also taught to do all the things around the house because my mom wasn’t really home that much, so I had to do it all myself. I honestly would not care if my significant other earned more than me. To me, that means they have been successful at what they do and they deserve that money. Also, it’s never a bad thing to have more disposable income, right?

  2. rkazan says:

    I completely agree with you, it has become a norm for society to accept these gender roles. Once a person decides to take on the role not “meant” for them it is seen as an anomaly. T.V. shows and movies reinforce a lot of stereotypes but I believe gender roles are the most influential.

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