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Gender Assigning Everything.

It seems like every item we come across in our daily lives has one of the two genders assigned to it. When we think of meat, we think of it as manly. When we see the color pink, we think it is girly. Why do we do this? Do we do it to make it easier to identify those who “are not like us”? I can recall when I first started drinking alcohol, I hated beer (as do most people). Instead of trying to attain the taste, I chose to have drink that I thought tasted good. This usually ended up being lemonade and vodka. This of course did not bode well socially with my friends. They would always make remarks like “be a man, drink beer”, or “stop drinking those girly drinks”. I never really understood why I got these comments. To me, both of them ended up with the same result (me being drunk), but one of them tastes good and the other doesn’t, so I would always take the logical choice to myself and stick to my “girly” drink. I found a funny music video this funny music video depicting my problem: Girly Drink Rap (warning: explicit language). It seems like we have to demean others to make us feel better about the choices we make. If others are doing things the way you do it, or the norm, then they are somehow wrong. Why can’t drinks just be drinks? You drink them to get drunk (or buzzed). Everyone should have the right to choose what ever they so please without being questioned about their masculinity or femininity. This is also due to society and the way we function, especially when raising our children. I saw an article recently on how a boy asked why Easy-Baked Ovens are pink. They ended up making a grey “gender-neutral” product. Why did they have to be pink in the first place? Couldn’t they make them in all different colors? No, because we as a society have determined that pink is feminine and blue is masculine. This needs to change.

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  1. rkazan says:

    Gender assigning is something we experience everyday of our lives. It is something that many people have accepted as a “definition” of who they are. This social construction leads to numerous problems and promotes social categorization. If you are born a certain gender, you are immediately placed in the recommended category that goes along with it. You are seen as odd, abnormal, or different if you do not fit the characteristics assigned to you based on your gender. I feel like this leaves no room for uniqueness and individuality.

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