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Encouraging Rape

First of all, I would just like to know, how we as a society, have gotten to the point where we can just blame the victim or dismiss such a terrible crime like rape. Both The Invisible War and our discussions in class have greatly opened my eyes to the way we react to rape. Saying what the victim could have done to have a less chance of being raped. Especially when this is how the mass media does this. It is feeding it into our heads that it was the victims fault for being too susceptible to being raped, instead of focusing on the deranged mind of those who commit the crime. In my opinion, this only encourages rape activities. It is basically downplaying the severity of what the victim has been through, all the while basically ignoring the fact that there was someone that completely violated the victim. Not to mention the Steubbenville coverage on CNN. In this case, the reporter seemed to be sympathizing with the accused rape offenders. Talking about if they go to jail, what a shame it would be for two young athletes to be wasting away in a cell. I don’t know how they can even justify running a story having any sympathy for these guys who have been accused of rape. I was truly shocked in Invisible War that the men in charge of handling the rape cases, in many instances were the ones who committed the crime, or were friends with the person committing the rape. I believe they changed that just as recently as 2012, but for it to have gone on as long as it did was unacceptable. The was the system was set up was basically giving the rapist a get out of jail free card. Not to mention the statistics of serial rapists. I feel we as a society really need to change our perception of rape and focus more on getting those who commit these crimes off these street to protect each and everyone of us.

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