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Dying for a Job!!!!!

After reading “Color Me Toxic” author Momo Chang, I thought how with unemployment so high, people are really literally dying for a job. If you go to a nail salon or even just walk past, the fumes coming out of them very strong and toxic, and their primary goal is to enhance the beauty others and not the safety and health of these employees mainly women ( just throwing this in which mostly minority women ).   With fumes from acetone, toluene, ethyl methacrylate (reading the labels of my own nails supplies) after doing my nails for a little over an hour I was beginning to get a headache, I can’t imagine someone who had to endure the fumes for 8 hours or more. And so what if you don’t get a headache the fumes are still toxic.  If you read the labels on most nails products it clearly states that you are to be in a well-ventilated area but it gives no warning on over exposure for nail techs or the effects of long exposure for the women who sit all day breathing these fumes just to make another woman beautiful.  Everyone, well most people enjoy being pampered and getting a good manicure or having a pedicure done to look and feel good, but is it really worth destroying another’s life or possibly the atmosphere.  Nail salons aren’t the only occupation that has a high risk of breathing dangerous fumes.  I read an article and watch a video in the New York Times about women who sacrificed her health for what thought was a great job.

“Chronic ailments caused by toxic workplace air — black lung, stonecutter’s disease, asbestosis, grinder’s rot, pneumoconiosis — incapacitate more than 200,000 workers in the United States annually. More than 40,000 Americans die prematurely each year from exposure to toxic substances at work — 10 times as many as those who die from the refinery explosions, mine collapses and other accidents that grab most of the news media attention.”

This was a statement from the article “As OSHA Emphasizes Safety, Long-Term Health Risks Fester” by Ian Urbina published on March 30, 2013(http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/31/us/osha-emphasizes-safety-health-risks-fester.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0). It clear to me that something needs to be done but how many lives must be sacrificed before this happen.  I sometimes wonder if the government reluctance to step in because we are becoming a money motivated country, in other words, we care less about your health to as long as it does not affect the white-collar, politicians, governments or rich.    We are waiting on the government (whom is not affected) to do something we should do for ourselves. Yes it is 2013, I wondering with growing need for new jobs which is more important money or health?


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