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Double Standards

photo 1I would have to say that a lot of this image is unfortunately true. Nobody attack me! But there is obviously a double standard regarding these things. We ask for equality in everything, yet some aspects of society will always remain unequal no matter how hard women try for feminism. But allow me to explain.

It is obviously wrong for a man to lay a violent hand on a woman, but it is still NOT okay for a woman to hit a man. That will never be acceptable in my opinion because violence should never be a part of a relationship. Second, if a guy walks into a woman’s restroom, it is true that women freak out and may say that he walked in intentionally to get a look, but if it were the other way around, a man would never say that about a woman. Third, when a guy stares at a woman’s breasts, we automatically associate it with him being perverted and dirty. That is usually always the case. Less often do we hear of a woman staring at a man’s crotch and him getting offended over it. Guys are more casual about a woman staring, and are always just flattered. But as a woman, we wear low-cut shirts or short skirts and think they are perverted for staring. Fourth, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a guy getting offended over a woman trying to kiss him, but I’ve heard numerous times when a girl pushed a guy away for trying to kiss her and she thought he was a pervert. Fifth, it is true that women complain about not getting help with work around the house because normally they expect men to help out (as it should be), and men are expected to do work. Lastly, basing off my personal experience, the 6th box is 100% true. Whenever I’ve offered to cover the bill, guys seem to be impressed for some reason or find it “attractive” that I’m independent. If it were the other way around though, and a guy asked me to split the bill with him, I wouldn’t be able to help but think that he is being cheap.

We are so set in our ways, yet we criticize men for not treating us as equals, while still expecting to be treated in the same manner.


  1. maelsaye says:

    I love this. Feminism wants to end sexism and make the sexes equal by focusing solely on one sex. It does not make sense to me. in feminism, women are always shown in a positive manner while men are shown in a negative manner and this picture shows that we cannot have these double standards to bring about change. The same views must be applied to both men and women.

  2. shaniperk says:

    Loved this!!!! We know that there are double standards in everything. I laughed at the “splitting the bill” picture. When my husband and I were dating we would agree that if I paid, he would leave the tip and then the next time we went out to eat, it would be reversed. I used to have discussions about this with people and they would say he should pay each time. I had no issue with paying; why should I if I had the means to do so? It didn’t make him any less of a man, and it didn’t give me authority over him. It was just something we did to make things equal.

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