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Delinquent Girls

I really enjoyed reading this article by Andrea Hugmeyer. I had no idea that females had a lot more status offenses than males. Four major status offenses would be truancy, running away, ungovernability, and underage drinking violations. I totally believe that females would have a lot more running aways charges but, not the others. The article acknowledges that females are typically under more strict rules and observation because a lot of people feel like letting a girl have a bit of freedom results in early teen pregnancy. I feel like there is a major difference between letting you daughter run wild and just letting her live. I had a lot of freedom as a child and once I became a teenager it was taken away. I had no clue why I couldn’t do certain things that my friends could do and I held a lot of resentment. I’ll be the first to say that restricting your child doesn’t make them stop doing whatever activity you are trying to halt. It just makes them sneak around and try everything it takes to not get caught.

A lot of females run away from their home life because of abuse or some other traumatic experiences. Instead of there being multiple programs for these women to get help, they are just thrown into the system and left to figure out what to do once they become 18. I’m not saying that there aren’t any programs at all. I just feel like there are not enough of them. Delinquency amongst girls should be dealt with head on and early because it does follow them in future relationships and is obvious by the types of people they surround themselves with.

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  1. hshuayto says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I also agree 100 percent with you that locking your child in or neglecting them from doing certain things will not stop them from doing it and only making them do it behind your back. I as a child was never neglected from anything I wanted to do but had limits put and my parents made sure i knew these limits. The fact that they trusted me enough to do what I wanted made me think twice and feel guilty if i ever tried t even think of stepping over my limits. I feel that if ones parent hold them back they the child will never have room to grow or experience life the way one should.

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