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Daycare workers deserve higher wages

When I send my baby to daycare, I’m not just trusting someone else to keep her safe, I’m trusting someone else to treat her with respect, love, and compassion.  I’m trusting someone to teach her the things I value, to help her meet her milestones.  The person I trust to take care of my child is invaluable.  Unfortunately, the wage that some daycare workers make is not enough to sustain life above the poverty level.

It’s a cliche, but the children ARE our future!  They are!  We need to take care of them and nurture them in such a way that they will grow to become the kind of adults who can take over the world.  Some daycares have people who deserve the minimum wage they earn.  …Some daycares suck.

My baby goes to a daycare that is actually a school.  The employees are all trained in things like CPR.  They all attend conferences and learn about …  well I’m not exactly sure what they learn but they remain current.  Some of the employees have degrees, and some are students working on getting their degrees.  But they are certainly NOT paid as much as they deserve.

My daughter JUST turned two and she knows her alphabet and her numbers.  I do spend some time working on those things with her, but the truth is that her school taught her those things.  So many days my little girl comes home and she has learned some lesson that she demonstrates for me and I feel so proud.  I sometimes wish I could just give her daycare tons of money.  Because they deserve it.

I know that it would take millions of dollars for someone to get me to spend my day with someone else’s gross kids.  (Sorry, for the most part I think other kids are pretty yucky..)  I’m not sure that someone COULD pay me to do that job.  It takes a special sort of person to work at a daycare.

In France, the people who work at the daycares DO have degrees.  It is a much more respectable profession in France.  People take it much more seriously.  After all, a daycare worker really isn’t just a babysitter.  They aren’t just keeping your kid alive until you can come pick him or her up.  They are laying the foundation that will last a lifetime.  In France, the daycare workers make enough money that they don’t need to rely on government assistance programs to buy groceries.

It is true that it is mostly females who choose to work in daycares.  Could that be one of the reasons it is so undervalued?  Think about how hard it must be to spend all day with other people’s children!  They should be making a lot of money.


  1. awiedmaier says:

    I agree with you 100%. When you leave your child with a daycare worker, you are trusting that they will care for your child as if he or she was their own. However, they are human beings with challenges in life just like the rest of us. They have one of the most difficult, and yet most influencial jobs on this earth – caring for the future generations. I think if they were paid more, they might choose it at a career. It’s hard on the children when they become attached to their caretaker, and develop a relationship with them, and then one day they are gone. They are to be applauded for their hard work.

  2. star says:

    i agree daycare employees are extremely underpaid for the work they do, and its nice to see a parent that cares about the issue, bc when the daycare employee is stressed bc of a low paying job and things their own life to afford, stress always shows and the environment effects the kids, and when the daycare employee leaves to find a better job, the kids are left to wonder. daycare is never a career all it is for most people is a starter job while their in school for something better, or an in between job from a lay off, not to mention some schools make the employees pay for their own uniforms, even the shirts they give are paid for and its not cheap, you have to pay for an outfit only for it to be ruined with throw up, paint, or anything else, the only thing beneficial about a daycare job is weekends off, otherwise they ask to much cpr certification, etc. ppl working their aren’t nurses, drs, etc, they shouldn’t have to deal with things like CPR, EPIPEN, etc. they aren’t paid enough to have to worry or deal with the drama, just for being CPR trained and trained in EPIPEN they should be making $15 an hour just as a sitter would, thats why ppl constantly quit daycares. and when better paying jobs come about with less of a hassle they leave and dont look back.

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