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Dad’s are not babysitters…

Why do we automatically assume that if a wife is not with a child then they are with a babysitter or another female family member? There are millions of husbands who are more than capable and are actively engaged in the lives of their children.

I read the following post and agreed with everything the blogger said.


I love that the blogger states that in her marriage she and her husband are equal and they balance each other. When one is absent or busy the other picks up the slack. This is exactly how my husband and I are. I work full time, have 3 classes 3 days a week, and we have a special needs child to care for. He works full time and in my absence cares for our child. It’s a balancing act for the both of us. Caring for our daughter is something that he should do not something I allow him to do. I often have to tell people when they ask me where our daughter is or who is watching our daughter “she’s with her dad”.

I have confidence in my husband and his abilities. If I doubted his ability to care for our child then I don’t think he would be someone that I’ve spent the last 13 years of my life with. I think society empowers mothers, but handicaps fathers because we exposed to many of them being absent or nonexistent in the lives of their children. Mothers are expected to take care of their children, we praise fathers when they do. No matter if the mother is a stay at home mom or someone who works outside the home, child care should be equal among a husband and wife. Sharing family responsibilities equally can help reduce the burnout that many parents experience.


  1. lysaleh says:

    I completely agree!! Your post makes me appreciate my dad even more. I remember when my mom went back to school to get a degree he would always take care of my sisters and I no matter what the task. He never wanted us to go to a babysitter or to throw the responsibilities onto my aunts because he loved taking care of us and certainly still takes pride in doing so. My parents most definitely split responsibilities around the house, and I strongly believe equality between the two is necessary for a healthy relationship.

  2. maelsaye says:

    I agree completely. I’m a 20 year old male with a 2 year old sister at home. I take care of her like she’s my own daughter without anybody even telling me to. I feel like it is innate and I would do the same for my own daughter. I hate that people don’t believe men can take care of a child, but believe me it is very possible.

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