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Can Superdad be like Supermom?

As you can probably imagine this is a very controversial yet evolving topic of today. So can Dad’s do Moms role? Moms’ role is to stay home; clean the house, cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, take care of their children, and everything in between. Of course there would be minor differences but I believe that Yes indeed, Dads have the same capacity to care for their children and the house while mom is at work. With this I agree that women have the same right to go to work and have a career. But why doesn’t society want to accept the fact that dads can do the same job as mom and moms can do the same jobs as dad. Well it has been belief for centuries that mothers are the caring and nurturing of the family while fathers are the providers and strict parent. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dads staying home to watch their children and the maintain the household clean because as many already know being a stay home parent is very challenging and requires multitasking and A LOT of patience to get through one day. Just because dads don’t carry the baby in their womb doesn’t mean they can’t care for their kids. As a class we came to the conclusion that a mother is not only a woman that carries the baby in their womb but also that nurtures and provides for their kids in years to come. It is valid that dads would like to stay home because they help make the baby and with this have equal right to care for them.

Furthermore, Dads shouldn’t be seen as lazy just because they are stay home dads. Do people say that moms are lazy because they are stay home moms? On the contrary, many people would agree that the “obligation” of a woman should be to stay home and upkeep the house and that being a stay home parent is extremely stressful and difficult at times. Notice I put obligation in quotation marks because I do not agree that women should NOT be forced to be a stay home parent. If a woman wants to work and pursue their career they should be free to do so. But I do agree that they should make some time for their kids, as well as I think men that work full time should also make some time for their family, because in the end they are a family and they need to coexist. Society should accept more that dads can have the same capacity of being a stay home parent and do accommodations like creating more groups where dads can go to take their children and spend some time with other adults. This would help release much of the stress that might be added to their daily lives. They shouldn’t be seen as weird or dads shouldn’t feel like they don’t belong in society because I believe being a stay home parent is one of the hardest Full Time jobs there is and it’s great that dads and moms are giving each other an opportunity to switch roles once in a while.

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  1. hebasha says:

    I believe Dad’s are fully capable of fulfilling the stereotypical roles of mothers, especially with housework. The primary issue is that men are raised to believe, from generation to generation, that this kind of work is impossible to do; that they are simply not capable of it. And, if they were to be a stay-at-home-dad and commit to these duties, just as many wives do, that they are somehow a failure as a “breadwinning father.” If you’re told enough times that you’re not capable of doing something, it really does get to you. It astounds me how brainwashed my own brothers are in this matter as well.

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