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Are men and women equal???

I decided to write a blog about this because I was having a conversation with four of my friends concerning the differences between men and women.  Then one of my friends made the statement that men and women were not equal. He said, “Women are not equal to men”. I asked, “Explain why you think that”? He said, “At his job the women always need help picking up the boxes”. He had the dumbest explanation I ever heard. He goes on further to say about women want to do the same job as a man with equal pay but sometimes they need assistance with the job. I asked him do men at his job need assistance doing a certain part of their job as well. He said, well yes but not as often as women do. I told him that I bet it only seems that way because you do not recognize or even keep a mental note every time a man ask for assistance.  Basically, we explained to him that women are equal to men. We let him know that it is true men are physically stronger than women based on their physiology.  The ironic thing to me is that a lot time some men and women use the physical examples when they try to justify their statement that women are not equal to men. They fail to mention on most cases or during most conversation I had concerning this topic intelligence. Women are capable of doing anything a man can do especially when it comes to intelligence. Most times when having this conversation with Christians they always state the order of God’s family: God, men than women. I always diffuse that with the fact that we were created in the imagine and likeness of God. Therefore, women are equal to men. This will be a debate forever regarding if women are equal to men because we live in a patriarchy society and because we do some men and some women will always think that a woman is not equal to a man. What do you think?

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