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Ambitious or Aggressive

There exists a vast social stigma against women that seek success in male dominated professional sectors. A woman who seeks a high up position at a corporation tends to be viewed as unfeminine, aggressive, not family oriented and masculine. Same thing goes for women that seek positions of power in government. Take Hilary Clinton as the prime example. In 2008, the left and right wing news media attacked her using the aforementioned demeaning personal descriptions. This is the stigma that women face when they seek lucrative, powerful and higher up positions that would generally be filled by men. The question is are these women displaying ambition or aggression? Does it really matter? It is acceptable, actually encouraged, for a man to be aggressive in the workplace yet when a woman behaves in a similar manner it is unacceptable. In many instances ambitious women seek advancement in the workplace and don’t do so in overly aggressive manner but are viewed as aggressive for simply seeking that advancement. They are put down and face many social ramifications. These ramifications are known to exists by the general female population and therefore deter young women from seeking these types of positions.  Women are afraid of being undesirable and disliked because of their job and therefore sacrifice career interests out of fear. That institutionalized discrimination is how our society maintains it current system of male privilege in the work force. But with more awareness will come more woman willing to take on this stigma and only then will acceptance come about.


  1. alanar2013 says:

    I agree with our thought about woman in the work force. There are usually two types of woman in an office the “Slut” or the “Bi**h”. The slut is liked by the men and talked badly by the other women and the bi**h is hated by all. It is so frustrating to know that you have to conform to one or the other. If you don’t you tend to be stuck in the same position or pay grade forever.

  2. scgutier says:

    I agree, but some women in power are making it even harder to fight this injustice. Like Marissa Mayer, the New CEO of Yahoo. She has mandated, that Yahoo employees are no longer allowed to work from home. This notion is unfortunately aiming towards female workers, whom are the majority of people who work at home. I think it’s ridiculous that females not only have to fight for an equal playing field but must also face the challenges that people are creating.

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