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A Fathers Letter To Victoria Secret

I had the opportunity to read the article “A Father’s Letter to Victoria Secret”.  This article was about  father who was furious about the new line victoria secret was going to start called Bright Young Things aimed towards school aged children.  He talked about how Victoria Secret was not setting forth a good example for young children in that young females will be judged by the type of undergarments they wear.  The article also mentioned that the father believes that girls should be able to be proud of who they are and think about things like what ivy league schools to attend and how can they stop slave trafficking.  I totally agree with what the father is trying to covey.  Women are not sex objects and should not be set up to be ones by implanting this “innocent” message on their undergarments especially at such a young age!  Women should not be inscure about themselves because they need to and wish to look like “that” Victoria Secret model.  They she be happy and proud of who they are no matter what they wear, inside and out.

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  1. abergesk says:

    I agree, no girl that hasn’t graduated high school should have the word “Juicy” on their butt. That is just wrong. As for the models, they are NOT the representation of what most men want. However, that is what is shoved down little girls throats via magazines and tv. Not to mention all of the photoshop and makeup those girls have on.

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