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Women in Combat

In January of this year, the Department of Defense raised bans on women in combat in the Armed Forces. Although it doesn’t specify what facets of combat women will serve in, but it raised an institutionalized ban that has been in place since the Revolutionary War. But for some women in our Armed Forces, this change means nothing. Many in the Army and National Guard already serve in combat situations on a daily basis. Most of the women who are put into those circumstances are apart of female engagement teams who interact with the female population of Iraq and Afghanistan. They accompany special force teams and often are involved in firefights.

Questions have been raised pertaining to selective service, qualifications, and the psychological aspect of war. And basically people want to know if women in all out combat will help or hinder the unit in which they serve. For the most part, time will answer most of these questions. But qualifications will most likely remain the same. Our Armed Forces are the best in the world and lowering qualifications to make room for women wouldn’t be a wise decision. I feel that women can serve a role in combat. In what way I’m not sure but if one has worked and trained just as hard, she should be able to serve beside men. In this case what’s fair isn’t what’s important. Soldier’s lives are on the line. The best, no matter what sex they are, should be fighting and protecting our country.

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