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Women and Gender Blog and Class Reflection

This blog is a reflection of the first blog I wrote. When I first signed up for the “Wordpress” blog as an assignment for the Women and Gender Study class, I felt that the blog will be like any other assignment that I had to do for any other class. My first blog I wrote was somehow time consuming as it took me a while to post it. When I started writing, I was not sure how much information should I share with the class and I kept editing my blog for a few days. It was my first time writing blogs, so I had a lot of hesitation at first and my fingers were frozen cold when I wanted to press the “Post” button. The experience is different as everyone in my class will be able to read my blog and respond to my thought as to only the instructors who were the only people who read my assignments. I think it is the fear that people read my blog then I have to confront them as I see them in class twice a week.

Afterword I realized that writing a blog is not as scary as I thought it would. I also realized that when other classmates read my blog, it encourages more productive discussion as we all had the ability to understand each other’s ideas, thoughts, and way of thinking. My classmates were able to provide productive comments and elaborated further on my blog which started some interesting discussions about topics and ideas initiated in my blog. At the end, and after writing multiple blogs and commenting on others, I felt that I am an author who shares her point of view publicly rather than just a student counting on her instructor to keep my assignment private.

As Dr. Martin mentioned earlier in the class that her goal wasn’t to make all of us feminist, but I would like to say that after taking this class I am all the way feminist; A feminist who looks at the world differently. I have learned to look into topics and issues precisely and to understand the hidden messages behind them. I have learned what the right feminist definitions are. I used to think that being a feminist is just being a lady who acts accordingly. But then, I laughed at myself after I learned that being feminist is seeking equality and respected for who you are. I also understood that feminist is to be able to freely stating an opinion or belief without being criticize for who you are or what is your gender. I have looked at individual’s right from a clear lens rather than what society and social media wants me to see. I have learned that if we want something to be done for women rights and equality, we have to act without giving up as we encounter rejection during our struggle. Through this blog I would like to thank Dr. Martin for this wonderful class, and I would also like to thank all the classmates who commented on my blogs as well as the ones who encouraged productive discussion during the class meetings.

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