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What’s so funny?

While out with friends today, I happened to see music videos playing on one of the televisions in the background. Unconsciously I started paying attention to the discriminatory details in them and started to compare two specific music videos. One of the videos corresponded with a “Biggie Smalls” song, and another video corresponding with a current popular song “thrift Shop” by Macklemore. Although my taste in music expands over many genres, I do happen to like both of these songs when I hear them on the radio. However seeing the videos of hip hop and rap music really makes you question your taste.

The Biggie music video followed the typical hip hop/ rap style of degrading women by representing them only half naked dancing around a single man. This is another issue within itself that I don’t even want to focus on in this blog. The true discrimination I witnessed in this video was the fact that these beautiful, young, slim women were shown dancing around a fat man and no one sees this as a big deal. To me, this is not a big deal either. However, it is a big deal when you compare it to another video such as the “thrift shop” video.

(forward to 1:40)

The thrift shop video happens to have a fat woman rapping in it. Now just hearing this statement makes you think this is a good thing, and it should be. But it is not. This part of the video, which shows a fat woman rapping with men around her, is made as a funny matter. This is meant to be a joke, and yes people watching this video did laugh. Now why is it ok for slimmer women to dance around a fat man, yet it is considered funny if media shows us the opposite? This really did shock me because this is gender bias on a whole new level. You would think that if society is anti-fat that it should pertain to both genders, but it doesn’t! Is a “fat” woman somehow considered hilariously fatter than a “fat” man? Or is it that society thinks only skinny, half naked women should be shown on media/music videos?

After analyzing all this in my head, I realized that this video would not have accomplished its goal if society didn’t accomplish this for it. The video wanted this part to be considered funny, but we the people decide what humors us vs. what doesn’t. Sadly society does consider a “fat” woman in a music video as funny because it is against the norm. Media has firmly set this bias norm in our heads that music videos should consist of certain types of woman thus anything against that happens to humor us.
So who’s’ fault is this? Did media make us this way, or are they simply showing what they know will entertain our ignorant minds?

Ps: R.I.P Notorious B.I.G


  1. alanar2013 says:

    I totally agree with your post. I just finished reading “Love Your Fat Self” from our text book, and this post resonated with me. It is common knowledge that it is socially acceptable to discriminate against overweight people. The term the textbook used is sizeism; tellingly as I typed the word sizeism my computer didn’t even recognize it! Sizeism is a worldwide problem, there are a few countries that celebrate overweight people, sadly I have yet to visit those fabulous countries.

    As an American, one that happens to be overweight by society’s standards, yet the norm by society’s measures, I am still looking for people who look like me in the media. Of course I see the typical satirical over weight character actors, and the funny chubby friends of the lead characters all the time. I am also sick of seeing thicker actresses saying how much they love their curves and their bodies, then fast forward, a couple years later and a couple weight loss endorsements and their skinny! When will America embrace the chubby hot girl!!!???

    • khamida23 says:

      Alanar you are totally right. I too feel the same, just as soon as we start to love those typical thick beautiful actresses and everything they stand for.. they assimilate to the bias culture we live in. Although I still think they were better when they were thick rather there new skinny self. The same goes for artists, Lets hope Adele doesnt break down to the medias critisizism.

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