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what is a feminist

this video just reexplains what our teacher means when she explains the term feminist. i didn’t realize what she meant until this video . a feminist is not man hating or none of the stereotypes that go along with the word. a feminist is simply a PERSON who believes we are all equal. and therefore i am a feminist, i believe that no matter what your skin color ,race, gender or anything other than your skill should determine how much you are paid or what job you qualify for. after viewing this video i realize that a feminist dosent have a face or a particular look . it has many faces ,body shapes , and personalities , with one common belief. and that is all people are equal . i really like how the guys in this video are open enough to say that they are feminist thats a great thing and it is going to take people like this man and woman to change our bias nation. no man deserves more than a woman just because he is a man . i think the only privilege that should exist is the human privilege not whit, man, or any of that .

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